Meet Cheryl

Multi Award Winning International Speaker Mentor, Story Wizard, Framework Alchemist Helping you to be SEEN, HEARD & FELT, so that your audience know, like and trust you.

Through the power of professional presentations and empowering stories

But it wasn’t always this way

Are you sitting comfortably …then let me begin…

My Story – 3 Scenes

Scene 1 – Past

Was left alone for a few hours on a daily basis whilst parents worked.
Was told to keep this a secret …as an only child rarely spoke.
At school was described as quiet and shy!

Scene 2 – Process

Worked in the Corporate World for 30 years and learned how to
build profitable businesses.

Gain a reputation as the “Trouble Shooter” could see what was needed to
increase sales and profit.

This role was a very lonely one ….hard to connect with others and so connected with alcohol.

In 2011 started a journey of personal development and public speaker training….
found her WHY! (purpose and passion)

Became an international multi award winning speaker …
loved to speak and share messages.

Mentored thousands of clients and developed a world class speaker mentoring program ….. Loved helping others to share their products and services too,
by guiding them to find their authentic voice


Scene 3 – Produced

In 2019 I was granted the TEDxAinleyTopWomen Licence and guided 20 amazing speakers (some professionally trained and some new) to share their ideas on the TED platform.

Cheryl cheering


In 2020 I launched The Live Love Laugh Lives to help Entrepreneurs, Employers and Enlightened Souls  to be SEEN, HEARD & FELT on a platform that allowed them to share their products, services and ideas.

Through impactful presentations, insightful interviews & inspiring  publications.

WHY! The show Must Go On!

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