Meet Cheryl

Multi Award Winning International Story Wizard, Professional Storyteller, Story Creator and Therapist who helps others to change, create and inspire others through the art of story telling and story

But it wasn’t always this way

Are you sitting comfortably …then let me begin…

My Story – 3 Scenes

Scene 1 – Past

Left alone at 5 for a few hours every day due to army  parents working

Grew up feeling “Not good enough” and so had failed relationships/ jobs and became alcohol dependent & distracted with excessive lifestyle

Scene 2 – Process

Learned that personal development can help you to change your story – trained as an International Public Speaker – learned to mentor others, trained as an Advanced Rapid Transformational therapist – won lots of awards and helped others to so the same


Scene 3 – Produced

Co-created the Find Your WHY Foundation and Organiser of TEDx Ainley Top Women – helping others to share their messages on a worldwide stage /platform.

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