Are You Living Your Dreams?

That’s a tricky question for many people.    I mean it should be a simple yes or no answer, right?  Either you ARE or you ARE NOT living your dreams  But see, here’s the problem with that question.  Most people don’t know the answer – because they have no idea what they really want – what their dreams are.

When we are kids we have lots of dreams don’t we?  We use our imaginations every single day, we play and we plan the future we will have as a rock star / pilot / ballerina.  We can see it all so clearly in our minds.  And then something happens.

Someone at school or at home, tells us our dreams are just that.  Dreams.  They are never going to come true and we should be a bit ‘more realistic’ and think about something we actually could do with our lives.  Like be a teacher.  Or go into sales.

Now – if your dream is to be a teacher or go into sales –  if that is what lights you up – then go for it!  Live that dream.

But what I actually find is that most of the time, people are living someone else’s dream.

If you know my story of working in sales selling bath mats, you will know I was not exactly living my dream. But that’s because I didn’t have one.  I had long since forgotten how to dream.  Until one day I met a man called Andy Harrington.  I saw him speak on stage and the questions he was asking me (well it seemed like he was asking just me) really started me thinking.

I joined his academy and he continued to challenge me with his questions.  The first thing I realised was that I was not living my dreams.  ‘No shit Sherlock’ you may be thinking.  Yes – wasn’t hard to work that one out.  It was a little more tricky to work out what I DID want and what my dreams were.

I just knew I had to be around these people – the people in Andy’s Academy programme.  And so I stayed and became one of his trainers, and then his number 1 trainer.  And it dawned on me – this was what I wanted to do.  Be on stage and inspire others.

Now with the structure that Andy teaches and my own rediscovered passion for helping others I developed – along with my cohort Marion Bevington – the Find Your Why Foundation and I am on a mission to help 10 million people go from asking ‘Why Me’ to saying ‘Why Not’.

One of the ways I do that is by speaking all around the world and this year, we developed a one day public speaking event for female speakers – Grace The Stage.  It’s for women who already are speakers and want to get better, or women who fear it and want to overcome that fear.

The next event is this Sunday – April 14th in Manchester, at the Hilton Deansgate 10-5pm.  It is totally free, no catch.  My guest speaker on the day is Carole Fossey, of Strategy Social Media.  Carole is also in the Academy and is one of our ACE coaches.   She runs Leading Women in Business here in Manchester, and you will her story from stage and see the skills we teach in action.

I will be mentioning how you can continue your public speaking journey after the event if you want to of course, but I guarantee you will learn something that will help you, in your business or your life, or both.

So – if you or someone you know wants to learn some really cool stuff to do with rediscovering your dreams, and getting your message out there – come along.  What have you got to lose – except your fear?  Book on NOW by clicking here.


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