Why Mental Health is So Important

Why Mental Health is So Important

Yesterday was World Suicide Day – and that gave me pause for thought.

What a world we live in where we need a ‘World Suicide Day’. The mental health of all our loved ones should be a primary concern to all of us. And yet, the depression, and mental illness and suicide rates are going up.

How Can I Be Happy When….

This is a question I get asked a lot.  How can I be happy when my kids have left home / I’ve lost my job/ I’m getting divorced / I feel so ill / I’m stressed.  And having read some stats the other day about happiness and its alter ego, depression, frankly it scared...

When Harry Met Meghan

I hear there is a Royal Wedding happening tomorrow?  OK, I’m teasing.  It’s the biggest thing since….the last royal wedding, and London will be rammed all day – because it is also the FA cup final later in the afternoon. I won’t be watching it – well not live – as I...