I’ve got a little secret to share with you today, and it’s something that might just rock your world: sometimes, your mind doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. Shocking, right? I mean, isn’t our mind supposed to be like our trusty sidekick, guiding us through the ups and downs of life? Well, hold onto your mic because we’re about to explore a different perspective.

Let’s talk about comfort zones, shall we?

You know that cozy little bubble where everything feels safe and familiar? Yeah, your mind loves to snuggle up in there. It’s like your mind is that overprotective friend who’s convinced you’ll trip on your own shoelaces if you dare step outside. “Stay put,” it says, “because out there lies the land of the unknown and the potentially embarrassing.”

But guess what? The mind’s idea of “safe” often translates to “stagnant.” It’s like staying in your pajamas all day – sure, it’s comfy, but you won’t get much done. And that’s where procrastination comes waltzing in with its “Hey there, let’s waste some time together!” invitation. Your mind convinces you that it’s looking out for you, but all it’s really doing is holding you back from unleashing your full potential.

Now, here’s the juicy bit: your body knows things. I mean, it’s like your body is this wise old sage sitting in a corner, sipping herbal tea and rolling its eyes at your mind’s antics. Think about it – your body knows what kind of food makes you feel like a superhero and what leaves you feeling like a sluggish sloth.

It’s like your body has this secret code that unlocks the mysteries of your well-being.

And oh boy, when it comes to public speaking, your body is practically shouting from the rooftops! Your mind might be pulling out all the stops to keep you away from that podium, bombarding you with worst-case scenarios and sweaty-palm nightmares. But your body? It’s saying, “Hey, we’ve got this! Heart racing? That’s just excitement. Butterflies in the stomach? That’s just a dance party in there!”

Here’s the real deal, my confidence-building champion: when you start paying attention to what your body is telling you, magic starts to happen. That inner voice that’s been drowned out by the mind’s chatter gets louder and clearer. Suddenly, taking action feels more like an exhilarating adventure than a terrifying leap into the abyss.

So, as I guide many incredible women on their journey to public speaking glory, I ask them to remember this: the mind is like a well-meaning but slightly neurotic friend, while the body is the real MVP (Most Valuable Player). I encourage you to tune in to your body, to embrace the flutter of excitement, to acknowledge the power that’s already within.

And let’s not forget, every time you step onto that stage, you’re not just public speaking – you’re demonstrating how to listen to the whispers of the body and how to give that stubborn mind a gentle nudge.

So go on, share the secret.

Your body hold the keys to a world of courage and confidence. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, your next public speaking session will be a dance party of butterflies and excitement, all thanks to the body’s timeless wisdom.

Rock that stage, girl, because you’ve got the power of mind-body harmony on your side!

Until next time,

Cheryl xx

P.S. Remember, you’ve got this – and so does your body!

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