A Keynote Without The Keynote?

Last week I was talking to some of the women who had applied for the Sensational Speaker Positioning Package, and explaining to them what the package involves.

I told them about the coaching, training, the day where they present – live – and have the talk professionally filmed and edited, the interview with me (also professionally filmed and edited). And of course, they get the recordings to use in their marketing. Oh, and there’s the book. Nearly forgot about the book. They become a published author in a multi-author book and get 10 copies to give away or sell.

All that is valued at £12,400 + Vat (we don’t ask 12.5k for the programme – even though it is worth more than that).
The main thing that the women involved have gained from this is that they have actually achieved something. They have a 15-minute talk, that they can deliver to anyone, anywhere. They have co-authored a book. They have professionally shot video for their marketing. They have ASSETS people!

However, I do know that not everyone can afford even the reduced price of a few thousand pounds, and I also know how many people need the training that we deliver in this most important of skills. And so, I shared with them that we would be offering a scaled-down version of this – a Sensational Speaker Lite programme if you like – which will consists of the training only.

And one of the ladies exclaimed – “Oh, so it’s a bit like a keynote but without a keynote?”. Which I guess it is.

You see, I wanted to be able to get this training out to a mass market. This is for people who want to have this skill under their belt, but either can’t afford the full package or perhaps don’t need to have the “live” experience right now.

So, I am making this new package available for this first time right here – to you dear reader! The next one of our full Days is going to be JULY 16th. And why am I telling you that? Well, because ONE person who buys the training package only, by MAY 16th is going to win the whole kit and kaboodle.

Now we are thinking of putting the training package out for only £498, and it is exceptional value at that. But for you, as you are on our list and read our weekly blogs, we are offering it out at £298. Now don’t worry – there is no – “buy now or you miss out” marketing speel. I will be sending out more details of what is included in next weeks blog.

You do have to book by May 16th to qualify for the competition to win the big prize, but if you already know you want it – or you know you at least want to talk about it and find out more – then email me at cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com with the subject line – Sensational Speaker Lite, and I will be in touch.

Meanwhile – if you haven’t already – please go join the How To Speak With…. Facebook group – where I go live every week to talk about being seen, heard and being yourself when speaking!


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