Whether or not the Royal Family is your thing, it won’t have escaped your notice that it is the Coronation this weekend and an extra Bank Holiday on Monday as a result. It would be difficult to miss it what with the shops filling with Union Jack flags and families gathering all across the country.

Now, imagine preparing for the same job since the day you were born. A job that won’t start till your mum passes away. And as soon as she does, the pressure is on you.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Charles, you have to admit it’s not an easy job. Being crowned King after losing a loved one, or technically becoming King straight away and being crowned around half a year later. Furthermore, he’s following one of the longest reigning and most loved monarchs ever to rule the UK.

Not easy shoes to step into.

There’s More to a Coronation Than a Good Party

Coronations are pretty interesting and not just for the street parties and buffets. In fact, the UK is one of the only monarchies that still holds traditional coronations. They require an oath, a commitment to the country, and a blessing. Plus, the crown in question dates back to 1661!

Again, lots of pressure. Whilst I’m more than used to having an audience, I’m sure even I’d feel a bit nervous knowing the whole country is watching me.

Charles has created a theme to the coronation’s bank holiday, and that’s voluntary work.

Coming Together as a Community

As you may know, Saturday holds the official coronation, Sunday has the big lunch, and Monday has been called ‘The Big Help Out’ – a day where Charles has invited the nation to volunteer for their favourite cause.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea! Celebrating whilst doing something good for the community, and doing so whilst working together! There is strength in teamwork, and if everyone helped each other every day, imagine all the good that could come from it! So even if just for one day, it is a great idea.

Communities are always important, and it’s crucial to be in one for support, inspiration, and to do things together. If you’re still looking for the right community, we might be it. Send me a message and I can share with you all the successes going on in our community right now!

And above all, happy Coronation Day!!

Cheryl xx

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