Are you a woman in business with an idea to shout about, without having to give your stuff away for free, without trying to be something you are not, and without getting lost in the crowd?

I am looking for 12 women who are square pegs who are fed up with being forced into round holes.

One thing that is crucial in business is authenticity. Authenticity is the courage to be yourself.  You cannot please everyone all the time.  Stop trying to, and be yourself so that you can resonate with the people who resonate with you.  Which means you attract the right clients.

But How Do You Get Your Idea / Message Out There?

Your confidence and credibility grow when you share what you are passionate about through public speaking.  Many women wait till their confidence and speaking skills are better before they start to speak and that can mean they wait too long before sharing their message with the world.  It can even mean they never share it.

But when you are prepared to put yourself out of your comfort zone and do what others are not prepared to do – it differentiates you from the crowd.  It increases your credibility because you are seen as a speaker.  And it grows your confidence – because your comfort zone gets larger, and you get better.

It’s a bit like learning to drive.

Think back to when you learned to drive.  The first day (after passing your test) when you took the car out on your own – were you the best driver that ever lived?  Were you totally confident?  Were you as good a driver as you are now?

Of course not.

And the reason is that practice makes perfect – as they say.  Actually, I think the expression should be – practice makes you better, more confident, and more accomplished.  I don’t think there is such a thing as perfect.  But you get the drift.

And even though you are not the fully-functioning super driver that you will become, one day after passing your test – does that stop you from getting in a car and going somewhere?  Of course not.  You just go carefully and enjoy (hopefully) the process of getting better.

So why seek perfection when it comes to speaking out about your business?

I hear women saying things like, ‘I’ve not been in business very long’ or ‘I need to get this that or the other qualification before I start really pushing things’.  Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but they are just BS excuses.  You wouldn’t say to your Mum – “No I can’t drive you round the corner to the doctor’s Mum, because I haven’t been driving very long!”.  You don’t need to do your driving test again to prove you CAN actually drive.

So, stop making excuses.

When you start speaking up, you start to be seen as a leader, as someone who has ideas worth sharing.

How To Move Forward

So – if you think you are a square peg that doesn’t fit into a round hole, and you want the chance to be picked as one of the 12 speakers on our Sensational Speaker System Live Day in July, keep reading.

The speakers on our last LIVE Day, got to create a presentation that was authentically them.  They got to have a professionally video’d interview, with me.  They got to become an Amazon best-seller without having to write a word.  And they got to be coached by a world-class, award-winning international speaker coach (that would also be me!) to deliver their own unique keynote speech that was again professionally video’d for them to share on their own websites, YouTube channels, and social media.

How did they do all this?  Well, they made the decision to step up and back themselves.  Is it time to back yourself?

Click on this webinar and find out how this all works.  In the webinar, I talk about some of the women on our last Sensational Speaker Day – the issues that they were struggling with, and how they overcame them.  I will tell you more about how the process works, and what is involved, including the investment required.

If you think it is time to become the go-to expert in your industry without coming off as a show-off, without giving free support and advice, and without creating a boring PowerPoint presentation then watch the webinar now.

I look forward to seeing you become a Sensational Speaker!




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