Are You Hiding?

In last weeks blog, I was talking to the marvellous Alicya Son, about her journey to Tedx AinleyTopWomen in December 2019.  Alicya knows everything there is to know about the power of minerals – in fact, she just published a book about it on Amazon.  It’s called – “The Power of Minerals – Healing Spa’s of Europe”.

Something she said in that conversation got me thinking.  She said she had been hiding from the world for a long time.  What she meant by that was that she had all this knowledge about the power of minerals for healing, and yet she had it on the back burner.

She wanted to write the book, but it was just in her head and on various bits of paper on her desk at home.  And she wasn’t doing anything about it until the TEDx opportunity came to her, and she began working with me.

And she is not on her own.

A lot of people hide their talents and knowledge from the world.

Why do they do that?  Well, it is normally for one of two reasons.


Reason Number 1 – They Fear Failure and Judgement.

Many people have a “who the hell do I think I am” thing going on.  They have a natural talent for something (we all do, right?) but they believe – because that talent is easy for them, it is easy for everyone.  They believe the knowledge they have is just the knowledge that everyone has.  Or they believe that the knowledge is freely available and therefore they have no right getting the knowledge or talent out there.

They might feel that it is somehow wrong to charge for that knowledge or talent.  Or that no-one would pay for it anyway.  And therefore they feel it is doomed to fail before they even start.

If the knowledge or talent they have is slightly ‘alternative’, they may fear being ridiculed or that people they know won’t take them seriously, and people they don’t know wouldn’t be interested because they are just starting out in their journey as a speaker/writer/coach/business person.

And most of all, they fear that if any of the above is true, then they will be JUDGED.  And come up lacking.

All of which is B***s*** by the way.  But to them, it is their truth.


Reason Number 2 – They Fear Success and Judgement

Probably less frequently, but frequently enough – many people fear success.  The same “who do you think you are” voice runs around their head.  They have been brought up to expect a certain thing in life.  Maybe they are allowed to be a little bit more successful than their parents – but only a little.  They don’t want to get “ideas above their station” and they fear if they are successful that it won’t last, or that people won’t like them anymore.  (There may be some truth in this, but the people who truly care for you will cheer you on in your success btw).

Most of all they fear being judged.  They fear people saying their good fortune is just luck, or that they have “changed”, or that it won’t last – because that is their secret fear anyway. They fear that they are not good enough to sustain massive success and therefore isn’t it better if they never try – because then they can never fail.


Neither of These Reasons is Actually The Truth.

These are all stories that the mind makes up to keep us safe, right in the middle of our comfort zone, where nothing ever changes and nothing ever will.

Luckily, Alicya realised that this was just a (very bad) story, a very bad piece of programming that was not only holding her back from something she passionately wanted to do but also was holding back all the people she can help, from even knowing about her in the first place.

As I said, Alicya’s book is not published and she is a TEDx Speaker.  Which is quite an accomplishment!  And would never have happened if she kept on hiding from the world.

What is it that YOU are hiding from the world?  What does your heart secretly desire?  What talent or knowledge or skill do you have, which is so integral a part of you, so easy for you – that you don’t realise it’s value to others.  What are you keeping hidden that could benefit others?

STOP HIDING.  You are here to shine your light for the benefit of others.  Keeping it hidden benefits no-one, least of all you!




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