Imagine you’re doing some online shopping. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re after, you will generally go to your ‘Go-To’ right? Whether that is Tesco, Amazon, or eBay, or somewhere else – it is what you know.

What are the chances you’d try a new place, which doesn’t seem very popular, doesn’t have much information on the website, and you have never seen before (so they are probably not advertising). Would you trust it and buy the product you need from there?

The chances are slim, in all probability. You don’t want to put yourself into that risky position.

Now let’s say you’re after more of a niche product – not the kind of thing your usual store may have on offer. Something a little more obscure.

Then you find a website completely DEDICATED to this product. I’m talking every sort of variety of this product, tons of information, background knowledge, the works. Would you purchase from here? It is more likely, right?

What is Effective Positioning?

Positioning, to put it simply, is being in the right position to sell. You’re an expert in your product.

You’ve developed a niche, something unique and authentic to you, and whilst you may not be the worldwide phenomenon at this, you’re the best person in an average room. If you’re the best out of everyone there, then why wouldn’t they at least be intrigued by what you do?

If there were 15 in the room that could be 15 new clients.

How can you get into the Right Position?

Your expertise hasn’t been developed overnight. It has required research, hard work, and hands-on experience. And you should be constantly looking for ways to grow this expertise too. There is always more to learn.

Take me for example, I consider myself a public speaking expert (not to brag!). However, I still continue to attend other public speaking events, meet fellow professionals, and take some notes from them, as I want to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zones and find ways to improve.

Trust Is Crucial

Any salesperson will tell you that trust is key when it comes to buying and selling. And it’s 100% true! Think about what I mentioned before – the reason why you wouldn’t buy from dodgy websites at the end of the day is because you don’t trust them.

And that’s why you need to be an expert in your field. If you don’t seem knowledgeable enough, how can customers expect to gain anything from your services?

Plus, you need to apply it correctly. Which is where I believe public speaking comes in. I may not an the expert in YOUR area of expertise, but as a public speaking coach I have developed a formula for what works in terms of getting your message out in a way that positions YOU as the ‘Go-To’ person in your niche.

So, if you’re looking to start public speaking, send me a message, or follow us on Strictly Come Speaking!

Cheryl xx

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