I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this week, who used to work in IT recruitment. For the last 25 years, at least, there has been a conversation about how to prepare kids in IT for jobs that do not yet exist.

So when Jane or Johnny are choosing their GCSE’s, A Levels or even their degree – we already know that the job they will likely get at the end of all of that, probably doesn’t exist when they start.

When the internet first became a mainstream thing, who knew that we would be buying shopping online, or have this thing called Social Media or apps? And things have gotten faster and faster. There’s the Internet of Things (think your fridge re-orders your shopping), Self driving cars, AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and now – the Metaverse!

There are mountain rescue people who can fly themselves to an emergency with tech that looks like something out of Spiderman. Drone that can deliver parcels. Non astronauts can go for a flight in space. And who knows what is next?

And now that it is available – people are automating everything. Amazon picker packers are robots. Nano technology can heal tissues without scars, cross the blood brain barrier to target tumours, insert compounds into tumour cells that make them light up – to make removal easier.

Should You Automate Your Business?

I recently have been seeing more and more of this. And there are some obvious places that it makes sense. If you have a free giveaway – what could be easier than creating a landing page, and having an automatic email send out the freebie when people sign up for it.

Perhaps then they go into an automated email string – so you can keep in touch with them without really trying. And if people can pay you by recurring payment – why wouldn’t you offer that. (I say all this like tech comes easy to me. It doesn’t but luckily I have people on my team who can make this all happen.)

Where Does Automation End?

Well, if you’ve watched the Matrix – it ends in machines running the world, and humans sleeping their way through their imaginary lives. Don’t get me started. Because actually – there is some truth in there.

For most of us who are running our own businesses – we could automate so much more of it. But should we? I don’t think so.
How many customers do you need / want to work with on an annual basis?

Unless the answer to that is thousands, then how much automation do you actually need? You do know that what people are buying is YOU, right? They want access to you, your own unique talents and view on the world, and the unique system that you have developed to help them solve whatever problem it is that you solve for people.

Automating and taking yourself out of your business doesn’t make sense. You need to know your customers and they need to know you. In my business we are not making cars, we are helping our customers through coaching. That can’t be automated.

Automation is great for a huge business or a product based business, but to me it is a very male energy. I have worked for that kind of business. A female energy is more collaborative, and lives in a space where automation holds a minor and relatively unimportant space.

What If You Are Not Ready?

Perhaps you don’t know yet what kind of business you are going to be running? Or you have a business but are not sure how to grow it – perhaps automation is something you are looking at? I would love to know your thoughts on this.

If you are in a – “I’m not sure where I am going” – space. Then a good place to start is with a roadmap of where you have been.

What do I mean by that? Well, our free custom genetic blueprint will tell you things about yourself that you knew – but could never express properly.

It will show you why you have made the decision or felt the feelings you have felt in your life to date. And it will give you clarity about what is actually important to you, and what you are here to do. And that makes taking the next steps in your evolution just that little bit – or maybe a whole heap – easier.

Get yours here by in this 2 minute questionnaire (twice) and we will get back to you with your report. You will be amazed, I promise!

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