Rethink Your Day and avoid burn out

I want you to be honest with yourself now and answer the following questions.

• When is the last time you had a lunch hour?

• Name the last month where you didn’t work a single weekend.

• When is the last time you got a full night’s sleep and woke up refreshed and bouncing to go?

Unless the answers were – today, last month, and last night – you need to rethink your day.

I know, I know! You are passionate about what you do as an entrepreneur. You don’t have anyone to delegate stuff to, or if you do, no-one can do it as well as you can. And your clients need stuff, right? Like all the time.

How can you take a lunch hour every (or any) day? How can you get it all done without catching up at the weekends? And sure – you could do with more sleep, but something has to give!

Well, a lady who is here to tell you that PASSION should not equal burn out, is Lema Daley.

I interviewed Lema after her Live Love Laugh Live – where she talked about her Life/Work Balance Blueprint (because you have to have a life before you can work!).

Lema has been a social worker for over 25 years, and one thing she has seen time and again in her working life, is people confusing passion with overworking, and putting their own needs second to that of their business, their boss, their clients and their families.

And you just can’t do that forever. Burnout is an occupational phenomenon (according to the World Health Organisation), not an occupational hazard. But it doesn’t need to be.

So how big is the problem?

A 2020 Gallup poll showed that 23% of people felt burnt out most of the time and 44% some of the time.

And it’s getting worse. 2/3rds of people surveyed said they were working longer hours as a result of the pandemic. And the average age of someone suffering from burnout is 32. I barely had a career at 32, but then 30 IS the new 50!!

Here are some more scary stats:-

On average home-workers had done an extra 7 days of work in the previous 5 months (in 2020 after corona restrictions)

The UK has the worst record for burnout with 57% of people saying they have experienced it, compared to 50% in the USA and 30% in Europe.

If any of this rings true for you, maybe it is time to rethink your day.

Lema has a program to help you to do that and to re-connect with yourself, your vision, your needs and your passion.

Listen to our interview below, and if you’d like to watch Lema’s Live Love Laugh Live, you can Watch it here

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