Happy International Women’s Day!   I can’t believe it is a year since we were holding our IWD event in Manchester with a myriad of brilliant speakers including the wonderful Marie Diamond, of The Secret.

This year’s theme for IWD is #BalanceForBetter – meaning a more gender equal world is a more balanced and therefore better.

That is no doubt true, but today I am more interested in what it means for you personally.

You see when your life is in balance, everything works better.  And as women, balance is something we constantly strive for and often fail to achieve.  If you are anything like me, you are spinning a lot of plates.  There is your job or your company needs; your family; your finances; your pets; your home; your kids; your friends and a million other things you might be juggling.

But what about yourself?

Where are YOU in all the things you juggle and all the busy-ness?

Here’s the thing.  YOU have to come first.  The balance needs to swing back the other way.

Too much of you is ‘out there’ looking after everyone else and too little is left for looking after you.  But if you don’t look after you, then at some point you will be unable to look after anyone else.  And that’s means you are being selfish by NOT prioritising self-care. By not getting the balance right.

You might think you are being selfless, putting everyone else first.  But the opposite is true.

If you don’t look after you, then sometime soon – other people will have to look after you. Your kids need you to be happy and healthy.  Your elderly relatives need you to keep going.  Your boss or your team at work need you to pull your weight (not theirs).  And your inner self needs you to look after yourself.

Simple as that.

So, on this International Women’s Day, it seems the perfect time to reset and rebalance your life.  Take some time today, or over this weekend, to have a look at the balance in your life.  And if that is out of whack then at some point something is going to break.

Take some time to reflect on job, business, family, relationships, friendships, hobbies, finances, health, relaxation, exercise.  Maybe give yourself a mark out of 10 for each.  If anything is under an 8 it needs some attention.

There are a number of techniques we use at the Find Your Why Foundation to help you get your life back in balance if this is something you struggle with.  If you’d like more info about the Find Your Why Foundation – have a look here https://www.findyourwhyfoundation.com/.

And meanwhile, whatever you are doing today – enjoy some time for you.


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