#JustSaying Why! Is it Really REALITY TV Big Brother Find your Why Marion Bevington Personality mask roles Cheryl ChapmanIs reality TV really real? #JustSayin’

And if it is just how real is reality TV?

Big brother had his final episode today #CBBFinal – Was Bear a worthy winner? #JustAskin’

It’s been a guilty (not so) secret pleasure of mine to indulge in an hour a day of mind numbing “recreation”.

So many people get caught in the frenzy created by Big Brother.

This is the epitome of reality TV. But are the people in the Big Brother house being real?

Are the people in the BB house are being themselves?

Apparently nobody has a role to play, these are not characters from a script, there is no writer, no illustrator, no director…

There is however an editor. There is however somebody deciding how much of this reality we see. There is someone deciding which parts of reality we see and how those parts are woven together.

Have you ever had an article written about you? Have you ever appeared in the newspaper or in written or video media of any form?

If you have then you will know how easy it is to distort so called reality.

Are they all playing a game?

Well the game they are playing is to win, to win the big brother prize.

It’s all about winning the all-important public vote.

To win big brother; to win the prize means the public must like watching you.

If you’ve watched any of the 2016 Big Brother episodes, then you will appreciate that getting the public vote is not always about being the ‘best’ person (meaning kindest, wisest, most honorable, most genuine, most authentic…).

It is after all television and entertainment.

Aren’t WE all playing a game?

That got me thinking, to gain public approval, the public vote, to get to get noticed and to become the popular one… what role do we have to play.

If you think of a role as an aspect of yourself, as an aspect of your personality can this help you understand more…

What type of personality or role will win in this program?

What type of personality or role wins in your life?

Personality comes from an old Greek word and personality means the voice behind the mask.

The origin of this word is from Greek theatre where the actors wore a mask and the audience were then presented with the characteristics, expression of the person communicated through the facial expression on the mask. And the actor added the voice behind the mask to illustrate, to add extra dimensions to the persona of the mask.

Understanding that the word personality actually means the role you play or the mask you wear. This can start to clarify what we mean when we say personality.

In the previous blog about “Who am I?”, I mentioned the idea of the many roles that you play. Which of these roles is YOU?

Have you ever been told that you’re not being yourself?

And you know that others who know you well will know when you are not being yourself. Sometimes we are acting in a particular role, in a particular way and we don’t even realise that we are not being ourselves.

If you’d been with me in a busy city wine bar in the West End of London in 1991 you’d have heard something that made me think about being myself more deeply than I had for a very long time…

Renu, my beautiful and tiny Indian friend walked in, “It’s so great to see you” I said, “thank you so much for coming, it is been so quiet in the office since you left, I’ve really missed you, thanks for coming!”

“Oh Marion I could not miss your birthday par-tay – where are we going dancing? Who else is coming?”

“Well John is coming soon he’s on his way”

I saw the expression drop on Renu’s face, she looked very disappointed she said “John’s coming, that’s a shame, you are so much more fun when John’s not around!”

Wow that was a bolt of lightning out of the blue from me. I’d not realised just how much of a difference it made to my personality, to the role I played, to the way I behaved, to how much fun I was – when John was not around!

John was my boyfriend, we’d lived together for about five years and yes he was quite serious, and at the time the relationship was on the down turn. But I hadn’t realised just how much of an impact his presence was having on my behaviour.

I went into a place of deep contemplation for a moment – Renu had been a good friend for 4 years and I’d been with John for 6 years…

With Renu, we always had so much fun together when we were socialising, in fact we had fun together even while we were at work, you know some people are just fun to be around, and you know you are so much fun when you are around some people.

At the beginning of my relationship with John I know that I had fun with him but at that point in the relationship there was not much fun being had.

Soon after this episode I ended the relationship with John and now I know that I learned a lot from being with in that relationship…

One of the biggest lessons was that in order for me to be really happy, to know that fun is always available and accessible to me and to have joy in my life I must be in relationships where I can truly be my self.

My whole self is made up of so many parts, so many roles, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes playful, angry, frustrated, joyful, childlike, sometimes childish. There are so many aspects to me as I play at being the authentic me.

When a relationship is preventing me from expressing any aspect of me, is it serving me?

All aspects of me are valid and part of my personality. My personality is made up of the roles through which I play myself in this material world.

How many roles do you play?

How much of your authentic self do you give yourself permission to be?

How playful can you be in your life?

Do others ever stop you from being all of you, from expressing all the parts of your personality that are just part of who you are?

And maybe not all of the parts of your personality actually serve you in your highest good. Not all parts of personality are supportive, creative, fulfilling and give you success.

How much of a game are you playing in this life? And does that relate to how real are you being?

Do you know when you are not being yourself?

And do you know who yourself really is?

In the book Find Your WHY! To Become Frickin’ Awesome and in The Live Love Laugh Lounge,  WHYs women (women who know their  WHY) are given access to tools to help to uncover and discover and recover all parts of themselves.

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I is for Intention and now that you have awareness part of this is clarification of your intentions, both conscious and unconscious. Why you do what you do. What it is that you want: to do – to be – to have and to experience. These are all parts of your intention.

And finally the M is to Manifest, to Make it happen, to Move your arse!

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