#ChooseToChallenge on International Women’s Day

 The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge which is all about challenging stereotypes wherever you see them.  We are combining our WHYs Awards with International Women’s Day and holding our celebration on the 7th – virtually of course.

We will be partying – there will be prizes and there will be awards.  All are welcome!   Book on here!

Within the Live Love Laugh Lounge, we are all about choosing to challenge.  And for us, it’s not just about stereotypes.

We support our members, but we also challenge them to be the best version of themselves.  That means challenging their long-held unhelpful beliefs – like I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’ll never be able to…’  It’s about challenging themselves to go for their dreams, to set goals that take them out of their comfort zone and be a better version of themselves than they were the day before.

It’s also about challenging the other members of the group.  Supporting them – of course – but also challenging them by encouraging them to do things they don’t believe are possible for them – and then holding them accountable for doing what they say they will do.

And above all – we challenge them to be honest, open and vulnerable.

Because it is only when you are fully and 100% the authentic YOU, that others can support you and you can go forward to experience the life you want to live.  And that may also be a life where YOU become the challenger, where you are putting yourself out there and getting your message out into the world.  Where YOU are changing lives, and opinions and beliefs.

When we all challenge ourselves and others, things change.

If we sit in our comfort zone, afraid to step outside the line, afraid to speak up and be heard, afraid of change – then at best nothing changes, and life is just a bit dull.  But the worst-case scenario is that we live a life that is someone else’s dream, someone else’s vision.

Many women spend many years of their lives caring for others and putting others first – whether that be partners, children, parents, siblings, friends, bosses and colleagues or even strangers.  Of course, it is a great thing to help others, to be kind and to make someone else’s life a little bit better.

But often that is done at the expense of their own self.  Many women don’t even take the time to really know themselves and what it is they want, or what their purpose is.  And that leads eventually to dissatisfaction, resentment and dis-ease.

So, in the Live Love Laugh Lounge, we show our members that there is a different way.  We challenge the thought processes which have kept them stuck and we give them tools and strategies for really Living, Loving and Laughing every day in their own unique way.

And that is why we LOVE LOVE LOVE this year’s #IWD2021 them of #ChooseToChallenge, because it is so interwoven with our fundamental purpose for existing.  And that’s also why we hope you will join us – for free – for our Virtual Party and Awards ceremony on Sunday the 7th March.  Book your tickets here!  It’s going to be the virtual party of the year!





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