If you know me at all you’ll know I don’t talk politics very often.  However, this week has been an interesting one in the political world in the UK in terms of one of my key values – Collaboration.  And let me just say – this is not a pitch for or against any political party – it’s just my observations of what is going on (or not going on).

So – first you have a cabinet meeting at Chequers – where apparently Teresa May managed to get agreement from all about an approach to Brexit.  But not for long.  If I was cynical I might think that the threat of taking away their ministerial cars if they were not onside, and the confiscation of mobile phones, left the politicians with little choice but to agree.  Until they got their phones back and reached the safety of home!

The collaboration didn’t last long.  Because it wasn’t really a collaboration.  There clearly wasn’t enough of a team spirit or a win/win for the detractors to believe in the compromise.  Collaboration works really well when BOTH sides get something out of it and when BOTH sides are motivated to find an answer.

It seems there are people more bothered about their future electability than in working as a team to get the goal achieved.  Shocker!  Which is a bit of a shame for the rest of us, but – that’s democracy. Apparently.

Meanwhile, Theresa was banking on all coming good with the visit of a Mr D Trump this week.  There has been much talk about the ‘special relationship’ which will lead to a trade agreement like no other.  Just as it looked to be going well, a completely unbiased non-judgemental news source, called “The Sun”, apparently interviewed the aforementioned Mr Trump, who appeared to back Boris Johnson for PM, and indicate there would be no trade deal if the new ‘Brexit plan’ went through.

Of course – that was then denied and overturned by the POTUS, just hours later.

Confused?  If you aren’t you must be the only one.

The point in all this is that you can’t do it all alone.  And collaboration (with the RIGHT people) can make things happen so much quicker, better, faster than trying to do everything alone.  And that is true in any field of life.  The point is – you need to find the right people to collaborate with, for it to be a happy and productive situation, rather than one where you are pushing a snow boulder up a volcano.

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