Why Connectivity is King – and I Don’t Mean The Internet!


Over the last couple of weeks, we have discussed why having clarity about yourself is important and that it gives you the confidence to be who you are meant to be.  Once you know who you are and your purpose, you can pursue the life you should be living.

But that’s not enough.  Because you see, without this next thing, you really won’t achieve all you were meant to achieve, and you might feel frustrated that even though you know your purpose you are just not getting there.  But with it – anything is possible.  No mountain is too high, no river too deep, to keep me away from you…… oops sorry, just burst into song.

Seriously, with this critical factor, everything you are aiming for, hoping for, dreaming about, all comes within reach much more easily.

What am I talking about?  I am talking about connectivity.  And I don’t mean of the internet variety – though sometimes the internet might be involved!

I mean connecting with your tribe – people who are on the same wavelength and have the same interests.

Your tribe might not be anyone you currently know.  Or it might be.  Your tribe is not necessarily your friends and family.  Because here’s the thing, to support what you do and for you to support them, they & you have to be adaptable. Change is scary for a lot of people.  And if you have just come to realise who you are and what your WHY is, then things are going to change, you better believe it.

And your loved ones may not be too happy about that because they may be scared that if you change, you might not remain “like them”.

So, what can you do? Well, of course, you can explain the situation to them, so they understand and you can also find a community of like-minded souls.  Because you know what, Rome was not only “not built in a day” And it wasn’t built by one person on their own.  That would have taken many lifetimes.  Think about it, the Emperor had a vision and then he went and found a load of people to help him implement his vision.

Now, maybe it’s slightly easier to recruit if you are the emperor, but the principle applies.  The old saying, “Two heads are better than one”, is very true.  In fact, the more heads you have working on the same project, who all have the same intent and want the best outcome for all…the better.  If you can find a support group who are all creating change in their life, then it benefits everyone.

That’s really the point of having a community.  Connection is something we all need from the moment we are born, it is instinctive in human beings.  But it is ESSENTIAL to find the right connections.  The wrong people around you can stifle your dreams and set you further back. The right people around you, which is true connectivity, can inspire, motivate, cheer and support you on your journey to finding your WHY, and living your WHY.

And that’s why our communities of WHY’s women and men, work so well.  Everyone is on that journey to their new future.  Everyone supports each other, whether that is with practical help or just a listening ear.  I’m sure there are times in your life when you just want someone to talk to who will listen without criticism or judgement, right?

We do have a community @ The Find your WHY Foundation.  Take a look and see if we resonate with you, if not that is fine, ours may not be the right tribe for you right now.

Either way,  remember to Live, Love and Laugh Every day!

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