Some people have really funny ideas about things don’t they? Many people think you have to be a bit screwed up to benefit from personal development.  Like – you only do that when you are ‘in need’ a bit like going to the dentist.  In fact – one of my clients last week asked me who was our November Retreat “for”.

Well, let me tell you who personal development is NOT for.  You do NOT have to be broken or on the edge of a nervous breakdown – though that IS sometimes when people discover personal development.

No, personal development is all about moving forwards, not looking back.

Let me explain what I mean.

If you were with me this morning – I arrived at the Association of Transformational Leaders meeting in Croatia, where I am spending the weekend (check it out on Insta, FB or Twitter).  I am a Director of this organisation and we are getting together for a bit of a retreat, a bit of time out for US.

Because when you are a coach or run any business that helps others – where do YOU go for help, inspiration, motivation and helping YOU go forwards.

And I can tell you, the women in this group are not ‘broken’.  Far from it.  We have people like Marie Diamond – from The Secret, my friend and female Indiana Jones – Marion Bevington, Gill Barham, Health Coach and lots of other successful women. Marie Diamond, by the way, is the Founder of ATL Europe, having previously been a founding member of the Global Transformational Leadership council.

You see personal development doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you (no more than there is ‘something wrong’ with every other human being.  We all have our foibles).  Going on a retreat doesn’t mean you are ‘running away’ or stepping back – or if you are it is only so that you can move FORWARDS.

The thing is, everyone has blocks and barriers, things that to others seem small or insignificant, but which can stop us from playing full out and achieving everything that we COULD achieve if we didn’t have that particular block, which is usually an unhelpful belief about ourselves and our power.

So, if you feel it is time to move forwards in your life, to uncover any blocks that might be sabotaging your success, to take a step out, in order to take the right steps into your future, you might want to have a look at our next retreat in Marrakesh here.

And whatever you are doing today, I hope you are doing it with people who lift you up and support you.  It is the least you deserve.





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