So there I was last week, at The Europe’s Strongest Man Competition in Leeds (to be screened later this year), with my friend and client Kirk Miller (who is an amazing personal fitness transformation trainer by the way, so check him out on Instagram @kirk_abs_miller), creating future memories.

We were watching the audience who were waving at themselves on the big screens as the MC Colin Bryce was getting the crowd “warmed up” and it got me thinking: why do people wave at themselves when they see themselves, you’ve seen this yourself right at music gigs, sporting events etc… I mean its not like they are on the actual TV in this instance and so they aren’t waving at their mum whose back at home. So, is it a way to prove to themselves that they exist or that they recognise themselves?

Anyway, back to the event, just to clarify this wasn’t an event of half-naked men walking round covered in baby oil, this is European Strongest Man and I’ve been an avid fan since the 1970’s when I used to watch the event with my dad, when the likes of Geoff Capes and Bill Kazmaier with Kevin Keegan perms and silky shorts were all the rage  (If you remember that you are older than you think!).

So, imagine when “The Kaz” and Geoff Capes came on the stage, it was like my memories all came flooding back (yes, of course, updated because, well we’re all 40 years older – OMG I just typed that and thought REALLY!!!) and to clarify they were not competing. And then there were the new kids on the block and here’s the thing they were bigger than the older guys, in fact, some HUGE blokes and their legs were bigger than me!

It was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was high. Colin and his MC partners Darren Sadler and Neil Pickup were getting people laughing by saying things like “If the camera stops on you, you have to kiss the person next to you”. The crowd were laughing when the camera stopped on 2 guys who were clearly not “a couple”. In essence we were all making future memories for the show in 6 months’ time when it will be on TV.
Future memories Cheryl what’s that all about? Thinking about the future is similar to remembering the past. When you think about possible future events, you do the same mental work as when you remember. You’re just remembering a future that hasn’t happened yet.
Think about the competitors, I bet they had all been making future memories. I imagine they had pictures of this day in their head in when they were training, pictures of lifting the logs, the cars, the atlas stones, breaking their personal records, winning and holding the trophy etc. This type of “visualisation” is made even more real by “feeling” the future feeling (more about that in a future blog ……LOL see what I did there ).

The final two competitors (I won’t tell you who and spoil it for you) for the world record log lift were lined up. The crowd are going mad, just as we’d been warmed up to do. I mean this was loud and distracting and these guys are having to focus: body, mind and spirit.
And it made me think that’s what it’s like running a business. There’s all sorts of chaos going on in your mind, lots balancing & juggling, distractions and if you are going to be successful you can’t let your focus be taken away from the M.I.T (Most Important Thing). Whatever the M.I.T is that day, or that moment.

For the big guys the M.I.T was the world record log lift. SPOILER ALERT ……if you don’t want to know what happened move passed the next paragraph, really quickly…..

Neither managed it  and they both looked gutted, the crowd still massively supported them and by the time they got to the VIP reception, they were already talking about the next time.

And that’s also what you have to do in business. Prepare for the win, see it, more importantly, FEEL it. But if it doesn’t happen (and it doesn’t always, does it?, then you have to quickly get over it. Sure, review what happened, but don’t get stuck in ‘failure’. It’s better to Assess, Adapt & take Action – looking forward to the next opportunity.

Focus on creating your future feelings. And remember you don’t have to do it on your own.

The Europe’s Strongest men know that. How many of them do you think have a coach, a trainer and a team of supporters around them helping them create their future memories?

Yep, you’re right, all of them. If you don’t currently have anyone to guide and support you, I’d invite you to connect with me here and we can review how you can create future memories for you and your business.

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