Do What You Love

The other night I went out to the local club.  I’ve never been before.  Well, I mean, there’s been Covid.  And also – I don’t drink anymore.  And we are new to the area – so I wouldn’t just pop in to see if there is anyone I recognise. It’s not what I love to do.

But I did go the other night because there was a Drag Queen on.  I must admit it felt a little weird sitting there with a lime and soda until Honey Love Nuts came on!! Now if you have ever seen a drag queen live – it’s a bit like any stand-up comedy routine, in that there is a lot of ‘picking on people’.

In normal life, of course, picking on people is not nice, definitely not something to be encouraged.  But if you go to a stand-up comedy night, or to see a Drag Queen, you better be ready for it.  It’s part of the show!

So, Honey Love Nuts, had decided that a guy called Ian was her/his target, and so he was referred to all night as “The Village Idiot”.  The possibly slightly worrying thing was that the rest of the crowd laughed hilariously at that.  What did they know that I didn’t?  Is he a university professor perhaps?

What was lovely, was that after Honey Love Nuts had warmed up the audience, he got Ian and his two friends dressed up and dancing to Sweet Caroline. And it made me think.

THIS is a community.

This is the place where ‘everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came’ (theme tune from the TV show Cheers.  I know – showing my age again!

But seriously, that’s what it felt like – that everybody knew everybody, and I was in an atmosphere of support and love.  And that has been missing during the pandemic.  Before the pandemic, there were definitely places – like most big cities or towns, where this atmosphere just doesn’t exist.  But since March 2020, this has only gotten worse. There must be many isolated people.

That’s the great thing about our community in the Live Love Laugh Lounge.

After the act, I noticed that HNL (Honey Love Nuts) was at the bar, out of drag.  And so, I had to have a chat.  It turns out he is the CEO of 2 companies and on the board at a charity.  He is the only non-gay Drag Queen on the circuit, in fact, he came along with his wife, who was with him at the bar.

And so I had to ask:-

“Why do you do what you do?  Aren’t you busy enough with all of that?”

He told me something that I already know and totally support.

“Cheryl, you should always do what you love, and although I enjoy my roles and I know I make a difference, it’s all very serious. And you see, what I really love, is to see people laughing.  I do this gig for free so that my charity benefits from the raffle.”


You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Once again it reinforces that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and everyone has a back story.  And don’t I know that to be true.  I used to sell Ann Summers for a similar reason – my job was not just serious like HNL’s roles, mine was downright depressing.  I was selling bath mats for Dracula.  Well, that’s a story for another time.

The important message from the night is the importance of your community.  If you don’t have one, then please do reach out and join our FB community.


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