Do you believe in yourself? You might be wondering what prompted me to ask that question.

Well yesterday I was sitting at a crossroads.  In my car – obviously! (Crossroads – story of my life!). Looking around I saw 4 hairdressers; 3 teeth whitening places; 4 beauty shops.  Not that unusual you might think in central London.

But no – this was a small village near Solihull.  And it got me thinking about how we are very concerned to try to make ourselves look better on the outside – nails, hair, whiter teeth.  Now, don’t  get me wrong.  I use all of these types of places, so I am not having a rant about anyone wanting to make themselves look ‘nicer’.

It did make me think though, about how much time and money we spend looking after the outside of us.  But what about the inside? We are far less likely to spend money on that – when potentially that is way more important.

Now, 7 years ago, I didn’t believe in myself and I certainly wouldn’t have dreamt of doing any personal development and so I get it when people say things like: “I can’t afford it / don’t have time / I don’t think it’s for me”.  It’s like a reflex, isn’t it?  How many times have you heard the word, “I’m just looking”, coming out of your mouth when a sales assistant in a shop asks you if you need any help? We hate being sold to, don’t we?

Well, I’ve just spent 2 days with the incredible Matt Ewell from The Elite Closing Academy on how to help others to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.  It was interesting learning how to find out what is underneath the objections that are mostly just a smoke screen.

What people normally mean is “I’m scared to make a change in my life …even though I know I need help, I don’t believe I can change”.

I agree with Matt who believes if someone needs what you have to make their pain go away or help them to cope more, then it is your duty to serve them.  It is your absolute responsibility to help them find a way to do your program or use your service.  And you shouldn’t worry about charging for that because as the saying goes …those who don’t pay – don’t pay attention.

Yes, you will be asking for a payment in return for your knowledge and your expertise.  The information that you invested in to have the skills to help them has cost you time and money.  I can guarantee it will have cost you MORE time and MORE money then you are going to be asking them to pay for your service or your course.

It’s a bit like the story of James Whistler.  Now if you don’t know him – he was an American artist, who died in 1903.  During the 1870’s he sued an art critic John Ruskin, and during the trial he was asked about the high price of the work Nocturn in Black and Gold.

The lawyer asked, “The labour of two days, then, is that for which you ask two hundred guineas?”

Whistler replied “No; – I ask it for the knowledge of a lifetime.”

So, the question is are you letting your clients walk away without helping them? Do you believe in you & your offer? If you do – then help them.  If you don’t serve them today – then you let them leave with the same pain they came to you with. What use is that to them?

If you need any support in your life – let’s have a chat to see if I can help you ( and if you want to know how to help your clients to say ‘yes’ then contact Matt.

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