Today we are going to look at blog 3 of 3 about flowers!

Remember how 3 weeks ago the tiny flowers in my garden were struggling to cope with the wind and rain?  Well, it couldn’t be more different today.  I’m not sure what the weathers like where you are but here it is absolutely beautiful.  The forecasters have promised 16 degrees, which is pretty warm for late March.  And the flowers and I are loving it!

So what have focus, foundations and friends got to do with flowers? 

Well, when I talk focus in relation to flowers, I was using the analogy of stubborn determination.  As in – the flowers in the wind and rain 2 weeks ago, looked like they were doggedly resisting the wind and rain and were focused on their goal of growing (isn’t that a flowers purpose?).
You see, I’m guessing that a flower doesn’t second guess itself.  It doesn’t sit there in the wind and rain, wondering if it is ‘strong enough’ or ‘good enough’ to weather the storm.  It just gets on with being a flower, dealing with whatever the weather throws at it, and continuing to grow so it can leave a legacy (procreate and make more flowers).

And do you know what?  I think many very successful people in life are those that can do the same.

They don’t question themselves in a negative way.  They don’t worry about what others think of them.  They don’t fear that they are not enough.  They just hold onto their vision, their goal, and they continue  to move forward whatever life throws at them.  They are not thwarted by life’s curve balls.  They work around things and keep heading in the direction they want to go.

These people are no better or worse than anyone else.  Sometimes ‘cleverer’ or ‘prettier’ or ‘funnier’ or ‘more creative’ people DON’T get the prize, don’t achieve   their vision and goals.  The reason is not because the other person was ‘better’, it was often just because the other person didn’t beat themselves up so much or wait to be perfect.

Unwavering focus is important in achieving anything in life.

Another important factor is foundations.  And friends.  And by friends I mean supporters – people who encourage and inspire and celebrate with you.  And I talk about these 2 together because they are interlinked.

What do I mean by foundations?

Well, I mean having stuff and people you can rely on.

For some people – foundations are about where they came from.  Their family and extended family that can be relied upon to offer support, guidance and help.  For others their foundation might be education – they feel secure in the knowledge that they know what they are doing, and are good at it.  And for others their foundations are their faith, and / or their values.  That again comes down to not questioning themselves.  When tough decisions have to be made – if you have trust in your own values, your experience or knowledge or your family – then you can rest easy in your decisions.

In the same way that a flower needs strong roots to nourish itself and stand up to the weather, a person needs strong roots to nourish their soul and deal with life’s twists and turns.  Unlike a flower though, a person can make their own foundations.

Many people don’t have the gift of a strong and loving family.  Many don’t have the education they would have liked.  Others don’t have a faith or tradition to fall back on.  But as human beings we can choose – we can choose our own foundations.  We can create our own values, and our own self-belief.  And we can search for a ‘family’, a peer group to help us when times are tough and celebrate with us when times are good.

You see you ARE enough.  And if you stop over thinking things and silence your inner critic who will take every opportunity to blame you for everything – if you let it, then you can create your own past and your own future. You are not a victim of circumstances but the master of them.

And whilst you ARE absolutely capable of doing it alone – you don’t have to.  Because the last “F” I want to include in this is Fun.  Life should be fun, and I don’t know about you, but I find it more fun with a peer group around.  Sometimes it is nice to be alone, but it is never nice to be lonely.

That’s Why we created the Find Your Why Membership

And that’s why we created the Find Your Why Foundation, where anyone looking for their WHY – or who might have already found it – can come and be with other like-minded souls on a journey to being the best version of themselves.

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