It might not have escaped your notice that it’s the World Cup at the moment, and before you ask – NO I haven’t decided to start a girl’s football team.  Although in a way I have.

I was thinking about WHY football has become the biggest sport in the world.

According to Wikipedia the modern history of the game began in 1863 with the forming of the FA, although various forms of football had been played across the centuries and across the world. Up until 1920 there was a thriving women’s football movement, with turnouts of 50,000 + for games

In 1921 the FA brought in a rule which was to change the face of the game for the next 50 years.  They decided that women’s football could not be played on the same grounds as the men – as it was “distasteful”.  Maybe they were just jealous of the turnout for the women’s games!

And as such the women’s game became very much a secondary thing for many years, until the world Cup in 1966 (which of course, England won) and the subsequent formation of the women’s FA in ’69 and lifting of the ban on playing on Association grounds in 1971.

So why I am talking about all this?

Well, it occurred to me that sports like football bring large amounts of people with the same aim together and create a sense of belonging of loyalty and solidarity.  And during this world cup, even my ‘couldn’t give a monkeys about football’ friends are taking a slight interest in the England matches.

And whilst it is still more a mans world (latest Premier league figures suggest 25% attendance by women), football, like many sports, bring families together and give a sense of identity.

But what if sport is not your thing?  Where do you get that sense of belonging to something bigger?  Where do you find the support and commonality of people on a mission?

Well here’s the thing.  We all need that sense of community.  We all have times where we just need someone to listen to our woes, or our mad ideas, or to celebrate with.  We need to be with others who believe the same things and who understand us.

And for you, if you need some support and don’t currently have a place you can go where there are like minded women trying to improve their personal and business lives, on a journey to a bigger, brighter future, then I would invite you to have a look at joining our WHYs women community at the Find Your Why Foundation.

Here at the Find Your WHY Foundation, we are on our own global mission, which is to help 10 million disheartened souls, to go from asking why? to saying why not!!

Do you know why you are here, where you are supposed to be and what your purpose is? We believe you were born to be more and we believe you know that’s true….so come and be a cheerleader, a raving fan … of YOU!  Because we know when you find your WHY, you become (even more) frickin’ awesome.

Join the Foundation community here and make a change in YOUR life today.



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