How do you know you’re a successful mentor? When clients come back to you with feedback. When they’re ready to face their new journey what you’ve taught them and do so with no regrets!

Feedback like this is why I continue doing what I do, and why I love it. In fact, that’s what my WHY is – guiding people!!

So today, I want to share with you another wonderful story from a client of mine, Avie:

My Public Speaking Journey

‘From the moment I met Cheryl Chapman at a speakers’ event, I knew that I wanted to work with her.

There is something reassuring about Cheryl (even though she looks a bit fearsome!) and the way she makes it seem like anything is possible. In fact,

Cheryl proved it when she took me from a gibbering wreck to a plausible speaker in just 6 weeks!

In those six weeks, I learnt so much about how to stand, speak and present – from a teacher who does that every day – it was an eye-opener!

Practising My Speech

The struggle was to decide what to put into my presentation, so much content but not all of it relevant. The other thing I struggled with was the need to have a name for my talk so that it was obvious what the talk was about.

Several attempts didn’t hold together and then at the rehearsal – I got 8 minutes of verbal feedback from the wonderful Cheryl. 8 minutes that turned into nearly 4 hours of preparation in honing my talk.

The next morning, I blew it out of the park and Cheryl thanked me for taking on her feedback and creating a talk that ticked all the boxes of what we had been taught.

Cheryl also persuaded me to publish some of my poems that I have written during the course of my life.

That was a deadline I very nearly missed! So, I just want to thank Cheryl for showing me what is possible when you have a great mentor and guide.’

Start Your Journey Today!

So, you see, whilst public speaking is a difficult journey, it’s also a fulfilling one. And you may come out with it with another goal in mind – such as publishing your first book or in Avie’s case, poetry.

If you’d like to start your own public speaking journey, or if you have a story you’d like to feature in an upcoming blog, get in touch!

Cheryl xx

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