I don’t know if you, like me, have had enough of GDPR.  Well I have, anyway.  But I was thinking about what the words actually stand for.

As you know – I do a lot of public speaking coaching and one of the things I coach people on is that it is all very well having ‘Public Speaking’ skills, but if you have nothing to talk about, it’s pretty pointless.

And in order for people to ‘have something to talk about’ I help them craft their Unique Thing – whatever that is for them.  I help them to chunk their areas of knowledge and systemise it.  And one part of that is coming up with a word or an alliteration that encapsulates that ‘Unique Thing’.

So, when thinking about what GDPR actually means, I couldn’t help my mind wandering over to what else those letters could stand for.  And last weeks royal wedding came into my mind, because Meghan and Harry (but I am guessing slightly more Meghan), made some great decisions about their wedding day.

The first decision they made was that it wasn’t going to be like other royal weddings and I think we can all agree that it wasn’t.

But within that big decision were lots of smaller decisions which all had a bigger meaning and a story behind them.  For example – her Mother was the only one of her family there.  And boy did the press focus on that?  I felt a tinge of sadness when I heard that.

Her family were all portrayed as having betrayed her to the media – and maybe that’s true to a certain extent.  However, they didn’t point out that all her close girlfriends were there – and that’s just as important.  Your wedding day is a celebration so you want the people there who – at all times – celebrate life with you, not just the ones who are along for the ride, or the ones you think you ‘should’ invite.

She made lots of other ‘breaking with protocol’ decisions that day – as did Harry.  She walked down the aisle alone, until met by Prince Charles at the 2/3rd mark.  She chose a timeless simple dress.  She had the page boys holding her veil/train not the bridesmaids, (did you see his little face when the trumpets started – pure delight and amazement).

She had a Black American Evangelist Pastor (something never heard before in Windsor I would bet).  They had a black gospel choir and a young black celloist.  Meghan decided to ditch ‘obey’ from the vows.

And they had Lady Diana’s sister speaking.  Harry decided to leave a seat unoccupied for his Mum, next to his brother.  And they chose to each give and receive rings – breaking the tradition of his brother, Dad (Charles wears his on his little finger) and his grandfather Prince Philip.

Lots of decisions, lots of tweaking things, all added up to a spectacular day that everyone enjoyed.  And it is these decisions – even the ones about the smallest details, which all add up to the big decisions and make such a difference.

They shook things up.  Not for the sake of doing it, but because they knew what they wanted and that makes everything easier.  When you know what outcome you want, you can make the right smaller decisions that all lead to the outcome.

What can you shake up or change?  What do YOU stand for?  When you know this – you can literally move mountains.  Email me at cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com if you want some support with any big decision you need to make in life or in business.

Because when you know what you want you can even make a silk purse out of a sows ear, or Great Decisions Produce Results from GDPR.


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