This week in the Live Love Laugh Lounge – one of our lovely WHY’s women – Anita – set a challenge to face, maybe even to get over your fears. She wanted us to all sing live in the Lounge. (BY ‘The Lounge’ I mean our Facebook group – not your living room!)

There is a story behind why – and it’s to do with having a voice – prompted by domestic abuse week. You’ll have to watch her video in the Live Love Laugh Lounge to get the full story. But basically, Anita challenged us to show we have a voice (which often domestic violence victims feel they don’t have) by singing a song.

So having the most wonderful singing voice, I sang that famous aria – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Would You Sing Live on Facebook?

OK, I admit it – my singing voice is not that brilliant, and there would have been a time when I would have run a mile in the other direction before singing on camera….live!
I did it happily because I no longer worry about people judging me, I got over my fears of that. Most people spend a lot of their lives worrying about what other people think about them and what they are doing, saying, wearing, even thinking. Well, I am here to tell you – most people…..just aren’t that interested in YOU.

Most of the time when you think people are judging you, they aren’t. They are thinking about what they are having for tea, or planning their next night out or holiday, or worrying about that client at work. And do you know what? Even if they ARE judging you – that is THEIR issue and not yours. Why would you live your life by someone else’s standards?

What about you? Would you do a Facebook live singing a song? And if not, why not? Are you worried you will be out of tune? Are you worried about how you look? Are you worried about negative comments? Or do you not care?

Do You Care What Other People Think?

Because really – what does it matter? Get Over Your Fears!

If you are out of tune – so what? If you are having a bad hair day – so what? Those are all self-focused statements. And actually, if you are putting something out on social media, it needs to be focused on being authentic, and possibly – if it is business-related – then it needs to be focused on your audience.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s take this example. Anita wanted us to sing, to show support for domestic abuse week, to show that it is OK to have a voice and have it heard. For this example – the focus was about supporting the cause. So, it’s not about you, it’s about the cause.

If it is business-related – it definitely shouldn’t be focused on you. It should be information, support, or celebration of your audience. If what you are saying resonates with people and makes them think, or makes them feel better, or adds value to their lives, then what does it matter what you sound like or look like?

How Do You Eliminate The Fear Of Being Judged?

Take the focus off of you, and put it on others.

Because if you can get over your fear of being judged and just do the things you want to do, how extraordinarily freeing is that?

Now, I know it’s not easy. It isn’t easy to get rid of years of programming. Those thoughts you have about how you are not good enough, pretty enough, clever enough. Those thoughts about how you don’t deserve to have good things happen to you. About how life is hard, and money doesn’t grow on trees. All that bullshit that we tell ourselves because something happened once, probably as a child and those are the messages we picked up, or made up, to explain why something happened.

How To Move Forward

But you know what? You don’t have to figure this all out on your own. In our community, we have people going live every day of the week, who never would have done that before they joined the community.

We have some great tools and techniques for identifying what type of person you are, how you operate, why some things are easy and some are difficult for you. Once you know this stuff, it’s like a lightbulb goes on and everything makes sense. You understand why you feel like you do in any given situation and with different people.

You understand that IF people have hang-ups about you, then those are THEIR hang-ups and not yours. You become free. You sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or anything else you feel like singing.

To find out more about joining our community, the potential financial reward and to Finally Get Over Your Fears – click on the link below

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