Well, you know I like to be controversial.  If you have a vision board and it works for you then don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  You are in the minority and good for you.

For most people, the effect of having a vision board is actually the reverse of the intention.

I did a survey some time ago asking people about whether they had vision boards and how they felt about them.  The vast majority of people who had a board felt bad about it.  Why was that?  It was because they didn’t have the things on the vision board so it served as a daily reminder about what they didn’t have.

Why Vision Boards Don’t Often Work

That got me thinking.  The idea of a vision board sounds good, it makes sense, so why wasn’t it working?

I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t working for 2 reasons.  Firstly, it probably hadn’t been set up right – I’ll explain that a bit more in a minute.  Secondly, it was using only ONE of the senses.  Think about it.

When you get something amazing that you have looked forward to and really want – do you just look at it?  Imagine it’s a car.  Let’s say your ideal car is an Aston Martin DB11 AMR.  (I know – sounds like I know what I’m talking about, right?  No, it’s not my ideal car – I love my mini.  There’s this useful thing called Google!!)

However it comes, you get the car. 🏎

You don’t just have it parked on the driveway looking at it, right?  You walk up to the car, you feel the paintwork, you open the door.  You get in and feel the leather seats.  You touch the steering wheel, the gear stick, the window controls, the audio controls, the air conditioning.  All the while smelling that new car smell.

You start the engine and hear that grunt.  You see yourself in your mind’s eye driving around the town while people stare.  So, you set off for a drive, and sure enough – people are looking at you in your car.  You feel proud and happy, and excited.

Do you see where I am going with this?

In order to have a vision board that works, you need to involve ALL the senses, and your emotions will follow.  You need a SENSORY board.

What’s a Sensory Board?

Well, this is the upgraded roaring 20’s version of the vision board.  It has sound, maybe lights, touch, smell, as well as vision.  It also has to be set up in the right way.  There is a system that you can follow to make sure the right bits go in the right places – like when you Feng Shui your house.

And talking about that – you DO need to know where the optimum place is in YOUR house to put it when it’s done.  Then in order to really get into the emotion of it, there’s a bit of hypnosis to really connect you with the energy of the board and ensure the intention and awareness are also there.

Throw all of that together and you have yourself a sensory board.

Let me tell you a story.

The Power of a Sensory Board

When I created my sensory board, I got one of those little recording devices – you know the ones they have at Build-a-Bear shops – that they use to get the bear to tell you it loves you when you press his/her heart.  Well, I programmed mine with my voice and it said, “Please welcome to the stage, international award-winning speaker…..Cheryl Chapman”.

I would press the button every day and make myself smile (as I wasn’t a speaker then – let alone an award-winning international speaker).  Until one day…. I was.

My board now has someone else’s voice, actually introducing me at an event.

There are many stores I could tell you like this.  But I won’t.  Not in this blog anyway.  But I might if you come over to my place. 😊

What Happens at The Sensory Board Creation Day

You see on the 23rd of October – and maybe the 24th as well, I am holding a Sensory Board Creation Day.  A maximum of 6 women will come over to our place and spend the day with me,  supported whilst creating their boards.

I will provide the boards, and the materials, maybe even some snacks!  And we will work our way through the systems behind the activity, so that the board is not only what you want, but aligns with your purpose and your intention.

The day costs £250 including all materials, and if you want to stay the night before or after (available to only 3 women) then it’s £50 a night – which includes the use of the Hot tub!  Or you can stay at the Premier Inn down the road.

If you think you would like a board that actually brings forward the things you would like to manifest in your life – then this day is for you.  Email me at cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com   And if you can’t make the date but want to access the training – still drop me a line and we can chat about that.

Time to create your future!




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