Ghost Of Christmas Future

Following on from the last 2 weeks Blogs on the ‘Scrooge’ theme, this week we are looking at the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Now depending on your point of view – this is either the scariest and saddest of Ghosts, or the best and most positive – as I will explain later.

If you remember the story – Scrooge has been visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley who – to save his soul – has come to tell him he will be visited by 3 more ghosts.  The Ghost of Christmas Past showed him his past and why he had become the man he was now.  The Ghost of Christmas Present showed him the joys and sorrows going on around him right now of which he was either unaware or purposely ignoring.  At this point Scrooge begins to see a different interpretation of life, and the turning point was his wonderment at the love of a child – Tiny Tim, who despite being poor and ill, has nothing but love in his heart.

Now we see the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, who is a shadowy figure in flowing robes with no visible face.  Scrooge is the most scared of this third ghost, though he really shouldn’t be for reasons I will explain later!   This ghost shows Scrooge the Christmas one year from now, when Tiny Tim has indeed died because his father (Scrooge’s employee Jacob Marley) could not afford medical care for him and there was no social care.

The Ghost then shows him the death of a ‘wretched man’ whose business associates snigger about the paupers funeral he will have, as one comments that he is not coming to the wake unless he will be fed. The housekeeper, undertaker and laundress steal his few possessions and a young couple who owed the man money, are relieved he is dead as they now have more time to pay off their debt.

The spirit then shows Scrooge the tombstone of this man, and his own name is on it.  Scrooge weeps and begs for the chance to change his ways, before waking up to find it is indeed only Christmas morning.  He immediately makes good on his word, repents and becomes the model citizen – taking up his nephews invitation to Christmas dinner, sending Bob Cratchit the biggest goose he can find for their dinner, and then giving him a raise and he subsequently becomes ‘a second father’ to Tiny Tim – who survives.

So, as I promised to reveal  – it may now be clear to you why Scrooge should have feared the Ghost of Christmas Future less than the other 2 ghosts.

You see, the past is gone – there is nothing you can do to change it.  The present is where you are now, and everything in the past has brought you to where you are today.   But the Future.  The Future is an open book.  It doesn’t have to go one way or another.  It is not set and predetermined.  You can create the future you want (as Scrooge did) if you just start today.

You already have everything you need within you to make the future you want to live in.  But you don’t have to do that alone.  If you join our WHY’s Women and Men in the Live, Love, Laugh Lounge and the Man Cave, you will find the support, the structure and the inspiration you might be looking for, to help you create that Future so that YOU don’t have to fear the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

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Meanwhile – I wish you a very merry Christmas, and a very happy and prosperous 2017.

And remember, especially at this time of year, to Live, Love and Laugh everyday and be you, in your own unique way.


Till next time





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