As Christmas approaches it’s maybe a time for putting things in perspective.

Last week, at the awards I attended where I was nominated for Best International Speaker (thank you for your votes), there was a lady called Tasha Chen. And Tasha won 6 of the Awards.  That’s right 6.  It was like the Oscars where La La Land was nominated 14 times and won 6 Oscars!

There was a bit of joking from the MC, who ‘renamed’ the awards, the ‘Tasha Chen’ awards.  Tasha seemed a bit embarrassed – not by the joke, but by winning so many awards.  Then the MC said something profound.

He said – you have won these awards because you have been giving to many people (she has 40k followers on Facebook), and so now you are getting.  And it’s not about giving and getting at the same time.  You have to give first and then at some point, sooner or later, you will get.

And that’s right.  You see it’s not so much ‘ask and ye shall receive’.  It’s more like ‘give and you get back’.  And not necessarily from the same people you gave to.  Some people call it karma, some the law of attraction.  Actually, it’s all about Yin and Yang energy.

A lot of people get it wrong about Yin and Yang.  They see them as opposites – opposing forces.  Whereas actually they are the 2 sides of the same coin.  They cannot exist without each other – light shadow cannot exist without light.  The two parts – the softer restful dark Yin energy and the lighter aggressive hot Yang energy – cannot exist without each other.  They are not opposites but 2 complementary parts of the one whole.

And when you approach life with an abundance mindset – you understand this intrinsically.  You know that hard times precede good times.  You can welcome challenges because they are one side of the coin of learning.  You can celebrate with others, because success is not something only one person can have.

Alternatively when you come from a place of lack then that’s what you get.  Like the child who won’t share their toys, you end up with no-one to play with.  If you are stuck in the energy of lack, you will just get more lack, and won’t be able to see or welcome the abundance that is right here in your life already.

As you go into the Christmas season it is easy to get carried away, overspend, overeat, and over-emote about everything.  But where-ever you are at the moment, whether you are feeling the lack or feeling the abundance – there is one thing that is always free to give.  And that’s love.

There’s a great quote – author unknown – which is along the lines of a song isn’t a song until it’s sung.  And it’s this….

“The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay … love isn’t love till you give it away”.

Thank you for your support in 2018.

I’m heading out to Doha for the holiday season to be with Mr C, so until 2019 sending you all my love 😍

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