You can’t have missed the current court case involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.  It’s halfway through and still unclear on which way the outcome will go.  But this is not a discussion about the rights and wrongs of the case.  I don’t know enough about it to form an opinion.

One thing is clear though.  This was all predictable.

I’ve been looking at both of their genetic blueprints and what comes up is very interesting.

What is a Genetic Blueprint?

In case you havent heard me talk about it before, a genetic blueprint is a unique set of natural skills, abilities, personality traits, that makes every individual unique.  There are thousands of possible combinations, within each of the 5 broad ‘types’ of person.

Amber Heard has a pretty undefined chart and an open ‘self’.  I don’t expect you to know what that means, so let me explain.  This particular aspect shows that she is a chameleon.  She can be whoever she wants or needs to be.

On the positive side – this is a great set of qualities for an actress, I am sure you would agree.  This women would be as at home having tea with the queen, or sitting on the street chatting with a homeless person.

Some might think it is also a great set of qualities to have when in court, where you can be whoever you think the jury need you to be.

Her blueprint also tell us that she is affected by others being upset, and will become upset herself and try to fix them.  She has the energy to do whatever she needs to do, and that includes looking after herself.

She is what we call a Builder or Generator.  She creates stuff out of what she is given by others.

Johnny Depps Blueprint

Johnny’s blueprint could not be more different.  He is what is called an Initiator, Manifester – he is here to inform.  Again another good basis for being an actor.  He is here to show others the information as he sees it, a useful trait when unique characters on screen and telling those stories.

His defined throat, self, will, emotion centre and root – all mean he is very consistent within himself.  He knows who he is, and he doesn’t swop and change.  People who know him will feel that they do actually know him.  He is not confusing.  He is not one thing to one person, and another to someone else – as Amber has the ability to be.

He knows what to say and when to say it, and has what we call the ‘creative role model’ channel – meaning he does things his own way, he is a person that others follow.  He also has the channel of money – meaning he knows how to make money.

The other thing his chart says is that he doesn’t need people to fix him.  As Ambers instinct is to fix other people – even when they don’t need fixing – you can see how very different they are.

In some ways, they complement each other, but they are very very opposite.  Now they do say that opposites attract, but that doesn’t always turn out to be true.  It depends on the mix.  If the bits you don’t have and the bits the other person does have, complement each other, than an opposite can absolutely complete the partnership.

The Relationship Between the Two

However, with these 2 charts – it is clear that the 2 individuals don’t see each other from the same point of view.  And when that happens, then there is no understanding of the other.  Which means that it would be easy to misinterpret why or how the other person is acting.  It is not an especially good stable base for a relationship.  Understanding each others blueprint would have allowed there to be more meeting of minds.  But it rather looks like that ship has sailed!

If you would like to know how your / your partners genetic blueprint match up, then go and fill in this 2 minute questionnaire (twice) and we will get back to you.  It will shed the light on many things and will give you some lightbulb moments, I guarantee!

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