How Many Labels Do You Have? 🏷

Are you always busy, running around trying to be the perfect Mum or Dad, the perfect wife or husband, the perfect son or daughter, the perfect employee, the perfect boss.  It’s perfectly normal! 🦸‍♀️️

But is it good for you, trying to live up to labels?

Many people are trying to fit into labels that are defined by others – their family, friends or work colleagues, clients or associates.  Fundamentally, those labels are given and defined by  ‘society’.

But there is a problem with that.

You see, here’s the thing – you are not a label!  Living someone else’s definition of you is tiring and ultimately unfulfilling because you can never live up to the ideals that you think other people have for you.

Perhaps you suffer from comparisonitis?  Most people do some of the time, some people do most of the time!

One person who doesn’t (anymore) is Aisha Aminu. 

I interviewed Aisha, who was one of our brilliant speakers at the Live Love Laugh LIVES.  Aisha had a moment no parent would ever want, a moment that made her realise the power that ‘labels’ had over her.

And in that moment, she decided to ditch the labels.  They were holding her back and actually they really didn’t matter at all.  Sometimes it takes something big to wake you up to what actually matters in life.  She talks about this in her heart-stopping Live Love Laugh LIVE talk here.

And so, Aisha decided to just be herself.

How she lives every day is – authentically.  Her intention every morning is to be the best version of her that she can possibly be.

Which puts me in mind of a favourite Dr Suess quote:-

Today you are YOU, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is YOUer than you!

Aisha is passionate about helping women drop their labels and just be themselves.  To find out how she lives,  what she loves and what now makes her laugh every day – watch the interview below.



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