At the Live Love Laugh LIVES last month, one of our amazing speakers was Dawn ‘Dare to be Different’ Gibbins.  Dawn used to run a large construction manufacturing company which she sold in 2008.

The purpose of the Live Love Laugh LIVES, is to give speakers the opportunity to share a little about how they LIVE – which is what they do AND why they do it, in order to inspire others.

They also talk about what they LOVE – particularly what their purpose is.  And of course, what makes them LAUGH.  What brings the light into their lives, and also the light they bring to others.

And not only do our speakers get the chance to share their stories on stage, but they also get interviewed by me!  Which is a lot of fun and can give an interesting background to their talks.

But getting back to Dawn……

Now Dawn was already ‘unusual’ being one of the 1% of construction business owners at the time who was / is a female.  That’s unusual and interesting enough – but whilst running that company Dawn discovered a new passion. Feng Shui.

Dawn is a fascinating person.  Some people might have thought Dawn, in her own words, was “a bit bonkers” as she had huge pictures of beaches, forests and rivers.  Most manufacturing premises are uninspiring to say the least.

But it all worked as Dawn has been awarded an MBE, and has been voted the most influential person in British Manufacturing, ranking 1 in the Manufacturing Power 50 – above Sir Richard Branson and James Dyson!

The thing that changed her was taking part in The Secret Millionaire in 2009.  She gave out a quarter of a million pounds to 3 charities and realised that the life of flashy cars and materialistic focus, was not what life is all about.

She swopped her Bentley for a mini, left her husband of 20 years and dedicated her life to helping others live their Purpose, Passion and Power.  Dawns passion of Feng Shui has helped her to hire the right people, live in harmony, and even to time to sale of her business. Her Feng Shui numbers have certainly changed her life, and helped me understand and change mine.

To watch our interview with Dawn click here.

And to watch Dawns Live, Love, Laugh LIVE, about how to bring Fun, Freedom and Fulfilment into your life click here.

PS – If you are interested in finding out how you can be part of the next Live Love Laugh LIVE book yourself in for a free no-obligation conversation with me here


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