Multi Award-winning hospitality consultant, coach and trainer Alison Magee-Barker is the North’s answer to the Hotel Inspector. Bringing the magic of success to hospitality businesses with clarity, focus, vision and drive with her 30 years experience in the industry.

The current times have been especially tough for businesses in hospitality, and some businesses feel that they have lost their way and are overwhelmed. Alison helps hospitality businesses large and small with strategies and planning using her 6 Step system, to give them game-changing results, which produces at least an additional £100K results in 6 months or less.

What Makes Alison Live, Love and Laugh every day?

I spoke to Alison after her Live Love Laugh Live talk – which talks about her 6 steps to success for hospitality (and other) businesses. And I was interested to know how she lives, what she loves and what makes her laugh every day (spoiler – her kids).

What she loves took me aback – but you will have to watch the video of the interview to find out – let’s just say she is a bit of a daredevil!

A couple of key areas that I think ALL businesses should focus on – and not just those in hospitality – are investing in the leader and cross-training.

As the leader of your own business, it is just as important to invest in yourself as it is to invest in your staff. In fact – it is MORE important. Because if you aren’t up to date, if you don’t have a good vision of the future and the skills to make that future become a reality, if you can’t steer the ship…well, then it is going nowhere.

And the same goes for cross-training. A business that doesn’t cross-train is at risk. And when Alison talks about cross-training – she doesn’t mean that machine at the gym. She means training so that every member of the business could step into any role.

Anyway – it’s a very interesting talk from a true expert in her field. Watch it below and watch Alison’s Live Love Laugh LIVE here to find out what the 6 P’s in her 6 Step system are and how you can implement them.


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