You may resonate with the feeling of being stuck on a treadmill, trying to live up to the expectations of others.  Perhaps you have at times, doubted yourself or felt that you can’t do something that others can.

It’s a funny word that, isn’t it?  Can’t.  As a child, perhaps you heard the expression, “There is no such word as can’t!”

And isn’t it funny how that was applied?  “Mum, I can’t do my homework” might be met with – “there is no such thing as can’t”.  Whereas – “Mum I want to be a superhero”, would no doubt elicit the reply, “Well you can’t!”

Self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs are so common as to almost make them the norm!

During the lockdown, some people have chosen to use the time to reflect on this whirlwind of life and change a few things.  Others might feel even more trapped than they were before.

Someone who fully understands the feeling of being on a treadmill for most of her life, and particularly of being told she couldn’t do many things, is Anita Davies.

Anita was born with a condition which left her visually impaired, though if you looked her up on the internet you would find someone who doesn’t look limited in any way.

She was the first visually impaired woman to win a Gold medal in the Judo World European and International Championships.

She has been voted one of Wales’ top 1—most inspirational women in over 100 years and has stood for office in UK and Welsh government elections – resulting in her being the first visually impaired councillor in her local authority.

She has had articles published, been interviewed on her work to support disabled people – including herself and her son and had achieved so much that it might seem she has no doubts or limitations.  She herself says her life has been good and she has done some incredible things.

However, she put a lot of pressure on herself as she felt she had to prove herself, and it left her mentally and physically exhausted.  That happens when we are doing things that we think we ‘should’, as opposed to choosing freely to be yourself and do things out of a desire just to do them.

As a result, she had created a program – the Fabulous Family Formula – which helps people understand that the choice is theirs.  They can get off the treadmill and take their power back, believe in themselves and get on the right road for them.  Anita knows that you don’t need to be limited by your disability, your circumstances or the voices of other people telling you what you can and can’t do.

So, whilst there IS actually a word called ‘can’t’ –  it means only what you choose to let it mean.

Watch my inspirational interview with Anita below, and I also recommend you watch her Live Love Laugh LIVE on this link.  If you have ever allowed the word can’t to determine your choices in life – then you must watch it.

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