How To Get Your Kindle Book To Number 2 Best Seller

It may have escaped your notice but last week our Kindle Book Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You was launched and went straight up to the top in a few short hours.  We were the number 2 Best Seller in a very competitive category.

We were also pleased as punch to reach number 15 in Business Life section, with our paperback in a group that included The Godfather’s of Personal Development: Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Napoleon Hill, Darren Hardy & Steven Covey

So first of all – thank you for all your support & help.


But how did we get there?

Well – it’s all about speaking (of course).

You see – public speaking is not just about getting up there on stage and “giving a presentation” or “doing a talk”.  It is about speaking to people.  Just letting people know what is going on in your life and business.  And specifically in this case, the 14 lovely speakers at the last Live Love Laugh LIVE day, got on their social media accounts.

Yes – they went LIVE.  They SPOKE to people.  They let their tribes know that the book was out, that they were in it, and that it was free to download. They spoke about why they had become part of this amazing day, and this amazing book.  They talked about what they were passionate about, and that passion came across to their audiences.

And that was a win-win situation for everyone.

They spoke, that informed their audience about something which was of benefit to them (a free inspirational book), and as a result, it also helped the authors to not only get the book out to a wider audience but also to connect with their tribes.  To inspire the people who follow them.  To show that when you are passionate and you back yourself, then amazing things can happen.

And it won’t have hurt their reach on social media either!

Of course, there is a bit more to it than that – and it may not be relevant to you.  But if you would like to know how we did it, and maybe whether you can get involved in the next Live Love Laugh LIVE day in July – then email me on


Meanwhile, talking of speaking.  And talking of freebies too!

Tomorrow I’m speaking at an event created by one of my speaker clients … this is where the magic happens through collaboration & community

Here’s a bit about the event:-

Has the lockdown made you more exhausted? 

Are you struggling to keep up with your relationships post lockdown?

Have you lost your source of income during the pandemic?

Are you stressed out & anxious about what the NEW NORMAL has in store for you?

YES! Now is the time to invest in you and discover your inner capabilities. 

Our commitment to you is winning, feeling inspired, and empowered in all the aspects of life.

It’s free, so feel free to come along and hear from some amazing speakers sharing their wisdom

Here’s the LINK





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