How To Make The Hard Choices Easy

Choices can be hard, right? There’s always the FOMO (fear of missing out). If I have the steak and my friend has the duck – am I going to wish I had the duck? Shall I wear trousers or jeans today? Shall I stay in or….stay in (OK that one’s not hard at the moment).

But these are not the choices I am talking about.

No, the hard choices are generally the ones where we have to decide whether to put someone else’s need first or our own.

Do you stay in the secure job (that you hate) that pays all the bills and looks after the family or do you give it all up to become a writer or run your own business or (fill in the blank here).

Do you go to the doctor about that niggling thing you have been worried about for longer than you would admit to anyone, or do you slot in the client who has been chasing for an appointment?

Do you take some time off for your own mental health – or do you do the ironing (Nah – I never iron either!).

Many women put the needs of others before their own. We are brought up ‘not to be selfish’, to care for others, to give. And so, it is natural that putting ourselves before others can just feel plain wrong. Especially if those others are our kids, our family, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, our clients, strangers….oh, that’s right – just about anybody.

But when we do that, we couldn’t be more wrong.

That’s what my guest on the sofa today – Reetika Gupta-Chaudhary and I talk about in this interview. Reetika runs a successful property business and is also an Executive Coach Consultant. She is also one of our amazing Live Love Laugh Live speakers, and we are talking as always, about what makes her live, what she loves and what makes her laugh everyday!

There is a surprising similarity between putting yourself first, and property development. When you realise what it is – it makes the hard choices easy.  You will have to watch the interview below to find out what that is. And if you want to watch Reetika’s incredible LIVE – click here to view it.

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