2022 has been quite the year – there have been ups, there have been downs, but it’s definitely been a memorable year for me. After all, it was the year Strictly Come Speaking made it’s debut!

Reflection is always good, and I’m sure you’ve already started leaning into that as we reach the end of the year. You think about the highlights, if and when major events happened, perhaps the people you’ve lost and also gained this year.

Whether things were in or out of your control, you’ve learnt a lot this year, and you have grown since the person you were in 2021.

The second thing you might’ve started thinking about is New Year’s Resolutions.

Perhaps you want to start a new diet. Maybe you’re going to take up a new sport, learn a new language, or find a new job. Or perhaps you want to acquire a new skill of some sort.

Making Good Resolutions

Have you ever made a resolution before? And if so, was it successful? Did you see it through?

If not, you don’t need to beat yourself up about it – in fact, only 9-12% of people usually see through their new year’s resolutions. But why?

Firstly, resolutions are NOT easy. No one makes a commitment to stay inside their comfort zones, to carry on what they were doing last year. Setting goals is all about allowing changes to happen, and as you may or may not already know, changes are what many people fear the most.

Even if it’s something as simple as ‘I want to get more sleep in the new year.’ That doesn’t sound too bad – if anything it sounds rather luxurious – but it still requires a change of schedule, and letting yourself and your body adjust to a different sleep pattern.

You Have to Want to Succeed

The second part of setting successful resolutions is to want it, and I mean REALLY want it. It has to give you your WHY feeling.

If you’re unsure as to why you want to achieve the goal, you won’t feel motivated enough to continue, and you’ll likely fail. Knowing the reason is something you can continuously tell yourself when you can feel yourself struggle, and thinking about how it will feel in the future when achieved will push you further.

You also have to want this goal for yourself, not because someone else has told you to, or you think you ‘should’.

Let me give you an example.

Several years ago, my husband suggested I should lose some weight. He told me he wanted to motivate me, but it actually did the opposite! It made me insecure, and when I did try to lose weight, I didn’t feel an ounce of positivity, but rather could only remember that feeling I felt when he first told me to lose weight – that sense of not feeling good enough. So guess what? Yep, I didn’t lose weight.

Compare that to now, where I eat healthier and exercise regularly. Now, I do it because I want to work on my health, and be fitter for the future. For me. That is a goal that I have set myself, and whilst it IS difficult, it’s one that I have been able to see through.

Working on Yourself

So, you might be asking yourself – ‘what do I want to achieve this year?’ And if you are struggling to come up with an answer – that is perfectly normal.

You see most people can tell you in an instant what they DON’T want, but getting them to tell you what they DO want, what they really really want (no Spice Girls humming please), is a little more tricky.

So, let me ask you a question!

Have there been any times this year, when you feel like you held yourself back? Maybe you shied away from something, didn’t feel up for it, or promised yourself ‘maybe another time’, but that other time never came?

If so, then it’s almost certainly to do with confidence. Confidence is something that can always be worked on, and there’s plenty of reasons to use it as a motivator for 2023.

It helps you say ‘yes’ more often to things your really would like to do. Perhaps more important than that, it also helps you to say ‘no’ when necessary, because that might also be something that you struggle with. Especially if you are a people pleaser.

Confidence also makes you more approachable, and therefore brings in more opportunities. Because if you appear confident, you’re much more likely to be asked out on social events, for a promotion, for advice or help.

Finding that Opportunity

Do you know what the final reason for failing resolutions is? Having no sense of plan. Once I have given up smoking – what next? What will I replace it with / spend the money on? Or, once I lose weight what will I do with my new found energy and healthier body?

People can be quick to make a new year’s resolution, but unless there is a strong ‘what next?’ resolutions tend to fail.

So, let me ask you this – what if I gave you the perfect opportunity to work on your confidence and gain a new skill in 2023? And not only that – I will help you to plan what happens next – what you can do with your new confidence and skill? What if I can help you achieve not just one, but TWO new year’s resolutions?

Because on the 28th of January, I will be hosting our next Strictly Come Speaking event – which can be a great chance for you to cross that confidence gap, and learn how to be an amazing public speaker! You can conquer your fears, meet new people, and I guarantee you’ll leave feeling positive and refreshed for the year ahead.

Public speaking and gaining confidence are life changing and as I mentioned before, you have to really want it to be able to give it your all. The good news is that through coaching, training and support from our community, you WILL be successful.

And did I mention that it’s free? Think of it as our Christmas present for you. Click here to get your ticket!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Whatever you decide to do this new year, make it a good one! Be around the people who bring you happiness, and get that sense of community. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

I’ll be taking time off for Christmas, so there won’t be a blog next week – but don’t worry, we’ll all be back in January, and hopefully we’ll see you on the 28th!

Cheryl xx

PS – The genetic blueprint really helps with understanding who you are and what you are here to do – fill in this 2-minute questionnaire and I will send you your own ‘genetic blueprint’ which will help you understand yourself so you can begin to find your why! You will find it here.

PPS – If the link doesn’t work for any reason (sometimes technology has a bad day) then email me on cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com and I will sort it out for you!

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