Why Spiderman’s Having A Mid Life Crisis

I was watching the news earlier today. They were talking about the new upcoming Spiderman 4 film that is due out on December 15th.  I don’t know if you are a Marvel fan – but there is something special about escaping into a world of pure imagination, isn’t there?

Imagination is a powerful thing. 

Without imagination, nothing would happen ever.  Nothing would ever be invented.  No one would ever change career, DIY their house, or knit a jumper.  By the way, it is ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ today – so I hope you have yours on as you read this!

Imagination is a wonderful thing. 

As children, we live in a world of imagination.  We are in a world of endless possibilities where anything is possible.  As we grow, we are taught about (other people’s) boundaries and what (they think) is possible for us. And we lose our imagination.  We stop dreaming big and we settle for what is ‘realistic’ or what we think we have to accept.

Imagination is the driving force of all change.

When someone looks at the world and doesn’t like what they see, they have 2 choices.  Complain about it or change it.  In order to change it, they have to use their imagination.  Their imagination enables them to recreate what they would prefer to see.  And if they didn’t – well things would just stay the same, and they’d be bitching about it.

So, the first takeaway today is – use your imagination more.  Daydream.  DARE to dream.  Everything that exits started in someone’s imagination.

There was another interesting thing from today’s news conference with Tom Holland.  He said he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with his future.  He said that at 25 he felt like he was having a mid-life crisis.

A Mid-Life Crisis at 25?

Well, I have written about that before and talked about how in your late teens/early twenties there can be a “1/4 life” crisis.  Tom was swept into an acting career from the age of 11.  So maybe his ¼ crisis has come a bit later.

Perhaps Tom needs to come and join our community.  You see, there he would find out that there are 2 important days in your life – the day you were born and the day you find out why.

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