This year on International Women’s Day 2021, I wanted to tell you about a big opportunity for 8 women.  ⭐️ If you prefer – watch this video I made for you here.  Or read on….,

I know you hear stuff like that all the time, but I’m serious! I’m looking for EIGHT female speakers to stand up & speak out on my next Sensational Speaker Positioning Event, which is being filmed on 23rd April, 2021 🎤

…And if you’re one of them, I’ll add in FREE 121 coaching, which previous clients have already invested over £8k + vat for!

If you’re one of the ‘8′ you will: –

1)  Deliver a 10-15 minute presentation that positions your:

  • WHY(the reason why you do what you do)
  • WHAT(your product, service or idea)
  • In a “Tedx style”, inspired way with a professionally set stage including props, background & lighting and a professional video recording by Rebecca Andrews Productions, who filmed the TEDxAinleyTopWomen event for me in 2019 (mega high quality!)

2)  Have a professionally filmed Interview with me so that we can position your product, service or ideas in an authentic way so that people see you as a real person and I’ll do the selling for you!

3)  Become a published Author, without writing a word, as your interview is transcribed and becomes part of The Be Seen, Be Heard, Be YOU! Book, where your ideal clients get to know like & trust you.

4)  I will help you to develop your ideas, design your presentations and provide WORLD-CLASS feedback so that you have the confidence and the clarity to deliver your message in your authentic and inspiring way.

5) You will receive copies of the professionally recorded videos to put on your social media platforms & landing page/website and have a pdf of the book to distribute for FREE or use as a lead generator and 10 paperback copies to sell or use as a promotional item.

…And loads more, including how to overcome those worries you may have about the audience watching you!

There are just two small conditions if you want to be considered…

  1. You need to be prepared to work hard!

If we’re going to work together on turning you into a Sensational Speaker, you need to be ‘all in’ with me for the next 5 weeks. Time is of the essence, so if you’re one of these people who like to “think about it”, you might as well stop reading now, this is not for you.  I’m looking for women who know deep down this is their time to shine, right now!  If you are ready, willing and able to commit 100%, I’d love to work with you and transform you into a Sensational Speaker in just 5 weeks.

  1. You need to be prepared to be a featured case study in my future marketing

I’m prepared to significantly discount my usual £8,000 + VAT fee to work with you, providing I can do a ‘before and after’ video interview, telling the story of how together we transformed your presentation and positioning.

As you may know, over the last 7 years I’ve become known as the “Go-To Speaker Mentor” when it comes to training people on how to showcase their products & services through presentations, on-screen and on stage, working with International and UK entrepreneurs, employers, employees and enlightened souls. It’s almost impossible to quantify the results these clients have had in that time period, but safe to say it’s well in excess of £10 million in additional sales and that means, in turn, they have supported and helped thousands of humans too – what a great win-win!

As mentioned, clients currently invest upwards of £8,000 + VAT to work with me.

Here are just a few of my current clients who are getting stunning results right now:

Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE

 As founder and leader of a global company for 30 years, I delivered speeches in many countries on Transformational Leadership and Business Success.

I was so proud to promote my team and our products. After selling my company for millions of pounds, I embarked on a new journey in life to find my true self (the real authentic me), and then teach people how to find their true inner nature. 

When it came to speaking and promoting myself – wow! This was so different from doing what I did in the corporate world! There, I told everyone: ‘Self-promotion is not a sin’.  And yet, when it came to promoting me, I had shrivelled and lost my confidence.

 I heard about the speaking opportunity with Cheryl Chapman and I knew I would benefit from her guidance as we had worked together before. Cheryl helped me find clarity and confidence. She challenged me on every aspect of my offerings and made suggestions to make the presentation even better. 

Most of all, Cheryl believed in me and mentored me to discover the message I need to help transform people’s lives. In all my experience of public speaker trainers, Cheryl Chapman is the best I have ever experienced. Cheryl trains from her heart and her passion for your success shines through in all her training. 

I am so proud now to have a professional recording of my presentation ‘Dare to be Different’ and the interview with Cheryl, where I share my products and services to help others. I am excited to announce I am now a published author in the How To Be Seen, Be Heard and Be YOU! book, which showcases female speakers standing up & speaking out!

Alison Magee-Barker: 

This was my first public speaking opportunity and interview and wow it has helped me to share my passion for the hospitality industry, business and why I am driven to help business owners, managers and teams live their best lives whilst enjoying the magic of success.

Since this I have been interviewed on TV, national radio stations and I’m looking forward to my next public speaking appearance soon. Thank you, Cheryl, for guiding me on how to share my wisdom with the industry I love.

Lema Daley:

This was my first recorded presentation and interview. It’s brought some phenomenal results, my first radio interview for one! 

 In discovering my WHY, I have greater confidence in being present and supporting others to transform their lives using the strategies they learn to achieve a healthier Life-Work Balance. All thanks to being seen, heard & being myself. 

Remember, right now I’m looking for a maximum of 8 women to join The Sensational Speaking Positioning Event and get the added benefit of 121 coaching with me.

You will work closely with me and my team over the next 5 weeks to increase your clarity & confidence to create & deliver presentations that will position you professionally & personally, so you can be seen & heard in your own authentic way.

By the way…

I HATE those hyped-up programmes that claim they can make you a great speaker just by reading a book or watching a few videos. So, I cannot and will not make any wild promises like that. I’ll do my bit.  I’ll help you find the quick and easy way to position yourself, give you all the tools you need, and coach you 121 throughout the process and provide all the back organisation, venue and technical work.

But YOU will need to put in the hours as well. Because the only way to become comfortable and confident by standing up and presenting is by doing it! You didn’t learn to drive a car by reading a book or watching a video! And that’s the same with speaking!

What I will tell you, is that unless I believe I can help you to present in your authentic way – I won’t accept you into the programme.

So, I’d like to invite you to spend 30 minutes with me on Zoom (for FREE) where I will find out what you need right now to become a Sensational Speaker and I’ll explain how the programme works.

That way, you can see for yourself what it’s all about and together we can decide if we’re a good fit.

What I can tell you, is that just over 9 years ago I was just a “number” in a 25-year corporate life sentence. I was drinking heavily and spent a lot of time & money on excessive shopping, because I had no purpose in my life, in fact with just 43 friends on Facebook, I didn’t even have a life! However, by chance (or was it fate?) I found a passion for public speaking and I went on to become a multi award-winning speaker and speaker mentor, to thousands of clients, worldwide.

And here’s the thing during the past 7 years the main thing I found shocking is the lack of female speakers! There are soooo many male speakers and very few female ones. However, it’s not about “bitching” ladies, it’s about “ditching”.  That’s right …ditching the excuses and “fixing” this imbalance by standing up & speaking out, so you can be seen & be heard, in your own authentic way.

I found whilst most of the male speakers appear to just get on with it. Many of the potential female speakers hold back, maybe looking for some additional support.  In a lot of the cases they couldn’t just present to create an income, money wasn’t their biggest driver, they needed a deeper purpose and reason …they needed a WHY.

So, what if I told you the world would be saved by the western woman?

This concept was shared by the Dalai Lama in Tokyo, Japan November 2013. I’d like to add a question, and what if one of those women was you? Would this be a big enough WHY?

The great news is you will also have access to the very talented Dr Marion Bevington, the co-creator of The Find Your WHY Foundation, to help navigate you to your WHY. With this additional support, I found women were keen to be seen and heard and that is why I put so many women on stage so they could share their products, services and message, to those they can help.

With opportunities to present at the yearly International Women Day’s Events, The Find Your WHY Awards, Grace The Stage and The TEDxAinleyTopWomen 2019 event, previous clients have had the chance to reach audiences in their 100’s.

Now with The Sensational Speaking Positioning Program I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve done all of the above and give you everything you need to be seen and heard. So that you can position yourself and your product, services and ideas.

I’m including the TEDx strategy that ensured ALL of the TEDxAinleyTopWomen 2019 speakers were approved by TED (no mean feat I can tell you!) as well as all the training, strategies, and 121 coaching and support you’ll need to do the same. These eight women will get to leverage my expertise, and the experiences of the thousands of speakers I have trained, meaning they’ll be guaranteed to be seen and heard in their authentic way in just 5 weeks’ time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have personally invested well in excess of £80,000 over the last 15 months developing The Sensational Speaker Positioning Program.  And so clearly, when you join the Program, you will be expected to invest as well (but don’t worry – not £80,000!)

In return, if you follow my instructions and you will be presenting like a pro in 5 weeks’ time.

But as I already mentioned, before we can decide whether or not this opportunity is right for you, we need to “discover” it all for FREE first. So, I’ve set aside a few slots in my diary this next week to meet with interested women on a 30-minute ‘Discovery Calls’ via Zoom. On the Discovery Call, I’ll help you identify the quick wins to position yourself. We’ll see where the opportunities are and how we can get to position you even more as quickly as possible.

And I’ll share some of the techniques our speakers have used over the last 18 months to rapidly grow their speaking experience and personal positioning.

In the time we have together, I promise I won’t hold back. I’ll do whatever I can to serve you because I want you to see just how big the opportunity is right now to be seen, to be heard and to be you. Then I’ll explain how The Sensational Speaker Positioning Program works, and what the different options are for you to join and have me coach you for the next year. Finally, you’ll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like before we get you enrolled.

If you’d like to find out more, please click the link below, to book your call this week, spaces are limited, so please book now and only if you are genuinely interested in becoming a Sensational Speaker 

PS If you have the call and either of us decides the opportunity isn’t for you… no problem, we will still be friends.

PPS If you have a friend who this opportunity might also be right for – please forward them this invitation.





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