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In December 2019, I organised the TEDxAinleyTopWomen event in Huddersfield.  The day was a huge success and 19 amazing speakers gave their first-ever TEDx talk.  The audience were wowed, the speakers were phenomenal, and the organiser went home exhausted but very happy. 

So, who were they – the intrepid bunch of speakers?  And why did they put themselves through the process?  I interviewed all of them, to give you a behind the scenes look at the whole process.  Perhaps you might want to get involved in a TEDx in the future. These interviews will shed light on what it takes, why you might want to do it, and who you need to be, to be a TEDx speaker.

In this interview I spoke to Lisa King, who helps people to unmask their true selves. If you prefer – you can watch the video or read the blog below.

“Lisa, why did you want to do a TEDx talk and was there anything that might have stopped you applying?”

As soon as I heard about this opportunity, I knew I wanted to be part of it.  I love TED talks and I knew I had to be part of it, there was no hesitation.  As a speaker this was important to me – it’s very prestigious, so no nothing was going to stop me.  I said to myself, ‘whatever it takes you have to be part of this’.

“What was the title of your talk and why is that subject important to you?  Why was it something you wanted to share?”

My talk title was ‘Unmasking the True You”. 

Growing up I had some challenges and trauma and I created and wore some masks to help me get through.  Through my coaching, I realised so many of us do and it was really important to get my message across and share my vulnerability. 

“What happened when you submitted your video for approval? What showed up for you?”

I had a bit of the ‘I’m not good enough’.  Because it is so important, so many people look at TEDx’s –it had to be right.  Not perfect but good enough so I was questioning was this the right topic, is this what I really want to share?  It definitely did trigger some self-doubt.

Initially the video I sent might not have been entirely the right structure for TED and I hadn’t really mentioned it to anyone – in case it didn’t work out.  It mattered.  And I knew how good some of the other applicants are, and I really wanted to be there with them.  And when I found out I was in – it was exciting. 

And when you suggested that I actually USE real masks not just talk about them, it felt right.  I was thinking about using masks.  So, I sent some suggestions over to a friend and then she created 2 amazing masks. 

“So fast forward to 13th December – what was that like?”

It was incredible. I had my Mum and a couple of her friends.  They are like my groupies!  It was awesome coming up north!  5 of us in the car we had lots of fun on the way there.  I had practised, I wasn’t worried.  The atmosphere when we arrived was incredible,  everyone was helping. 

We had a speakers room which was cool.  We were chatting, we had one person quite unwell, others chatting, everyone was working together it was cool.  I didn’t have any lunch because I was first on after lunch and didn’t want to spill anything on my clothes!

I was so excited I didn’t want to eat.  I understand that fear and excitement are the same emotion,  so I have trained myself that ‘I’m excited, I’m excited’

When it was over it was amazing,  I had goose bumps.  If you’d asked me what I said I wouldn’t have been able to tell you.  I felt like I was walking on air.  It was massive for me – I have always watched lots of TEDx – and now to be able to say I am a TEDX speaker it was wonderful.  A big achievement.

Then it was Christmas, and a few days later – there was my video on the TEDx platform.  It was the 3rd, and I actually lost someone close to me that day. So, I didn’t realise exactly when it went up.  But it was the perfect timing to lift me up.  I was like ‘wow’ when I saw the number of views a few days later. 

“What has been the effect of your TEDx experience?”

The messages I have received are just amazing, mind blowing!  And my talk has now been played in schools, which is fantastic.  It’s now up to 1966 views, which is an incredible amount.  I still look every day!!

What’s really interesting is when people approach you or you apply for speaking slots – previously I had nothing to show them.  But now I do, and it makes a massive difference.  Also, to be able to acknowledge the journey I have been on and the help you have given me and the support of everyone at the event.  I’ll never forget it.

If someone asked me if they should do a TEDx, my answer is just say, “YES”.  You’ll l figure out how to do it.    Sometimes we let out brain tries to talk us out of it, but if it is something you really want – then just do it. 

WATCH LISA’s TEDx here – Lisa King TedxAinleyTopWomen


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