Is It a Coincidence Or Are You A Freedom Speaker?

What are you on about now, Cheryl?

I hear you say.

Well, it’s like this.

I was chatting with the girls in the Live Love Laugh Lounge the other day, about our Live Love Laugh Lives, which give people a platform to talk about what they are passionate about.  I was saying how the first event last month, made me think of the participants as “Freedom Speakers”, in that, unlike other speaking platforms, they weren’t constrained by having to provide ‘evidence’ to back up what they were speaking about.

It was all about their “WHY”, and allowing them to share how they LIVE, what they LOVE and what makes them LAUGH every day.

And I explained that, how this came into being, might just be the biggest coincidence of all time.

You see when I turned 40 I had a tattoo done.  It’s in Latin and the translation of the Latin words meant ‘Choose a Life of Freedom”.  Or at least I THOUGHT it did…..

But, before I get to that, let’s just go back a bit.

In 2011, I was selling imported goods from China for a job and for some reason, not clear to me at that time, I booked myself on to an event.  Little did I know I would end up buying a public speaking course at that event and then becoming a public speaking coach.  Once I had joined that happy band of speaking coaches, I was starting to one of the other public speaking coaches, Jane one day.  Jane told me she had done Latin at school and my tattoo actually read, “Choose a life of freedom of speech” which I was a bit gutted about at the time, to be honest.

However, here I am 9 years later having created this platform which is all about Freedom of Speech.

Can it be ‘just a coincidence’? or was the universe speaking to me as far back as that, about what I should be doing?

Whether you believe in coincidence – or you believe everything pans out to a pre-determined plan, some things are just a bit weird, aren’t they?

A friend of mine was talking to me a few years ago, about how she had never in her life met anyone from where she was born (in another continent).  The next day on a trip to London she met 3 separate people who had lived in that town.  Coincidence? Or the universe having a laugh?

So, what coincidences have there been in your life?  What things have come back to haunt, or ‘Wow’ you?

I had a tattoo, I thought it said one thing, and turns out it said something else, something I am now living on a daily basis. Helping people become Freedom Speakers, speaking their truth and sharing that with others.  Sharing what they did in the past which has called them to where they are now.

So, what is calling you, right now?

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that you are reading this in this moment.  Perhaps you need to get your truth out there?  If you want to find out more about the Live Love Laugh Lives, check out our new Youtube Channel here  And please like it – to be the first notified on all future Live Love Laugh Live events.


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