If there is one thing I have noticed during the pandemic we are still in, it is that there have been 2 clear reactions to it from Business.  They have either transformed – or they have contracted.  Partly that is to do with the type of business they are in, but not entirely.

Many businesses have seen this time as an opportunity for transformation.  And not just businesses.

It often happens in tough times that certain aspects of life accelerate, while others go backwards, perhaps forever.

Looking at World War 2, the pace of change and growth in industries relating to technology moved very quickly.  Not just from a military point of view, but many other technologies and industries which either had to rethink themselves or saw an opportunity to do so.

In fact, the USA particularly created opportunities with 17 million new civilian jobs created, industrial productivity increased by 96% and corporate profits after taxes doubled (according to prospect.org). The government expenditure helped bring about a business recovery that had eluded America until then.

But this time things are a bit different.  There is a global pandemic – every individual and every country is affected.  And things have had to change rapidly and for pretty much everyone.

There seem to be largely 2 camps.  Those who cant wait for things to ‘get back to normal’ and those who feel it is time for a ‘new normal’.  Despite all the terrible loss individuals have suffered and the economic strains put on countries who are supporting their citizens, there have been many positives.

Jobs have been created that didn’t exist just a couple of months ago.  Many industries have thrived – online streaming and logistics to name just 2.  Others have been able to pivot and answer a surge in new market demand – home delivery shopping and online networking.  And many companies have realised that their staff CAN actually work from home and be productive.

In last weeks blog, I interviewed Martin Sharp, who has a long history of helping corporates and also smaller businesses to make transformations in their organisations.  Never has that been more important!  And interestingly, one highlight for Martin in his journey to becoming a TEDx speaker was making a transformation in his own life and the lives of other business owners.

You see – if you are not constantly transforming yourself and your business, then you are stagnating or worse – going backwards.  In ‘normal times’ this is true but happens at a much slower rate.  Businesses can limp along for years, stuck in the ‘way we have always done things’, and they can survive in that mode for some time.

Given a global crisis though and the cracks show up a lot quicker.

One of the best ways to affect transformation in yourself is to go back to your purpose.  To find your WHY.  And this situation has given a lot of people the time to contemplate that.  Having found your own why, the best way to affect transformation in others is to share your story – as Martin did at TEDxAinleyTopWomen in December 2019.

And how do you share your story when you can’t get up on a stage and do it?  Well, there are many ways.  Online channels, social media videos, Youtube, online networking, the written word in the form of blogs, emails, writing a book, publishing on Linkedin.

Any marketing guru will tell you though, that video is more powerful than anything.  So if you can build in Live or pre-recorded video into your messaging campaign then you should.

And if you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera – then – get over yourself!!  No seriously, I mean it.  Come and join my group “How to Speak With..” on Facebook and get yourself some help with speaking in public – in the real or the virtual world.

It’s time to transform!



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