I was on the phone last week to a woman who wanted to understand how I could help her using RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy).  During the course of the conversation it became clear that she had some deep-rooted limiting beliefs (as pretty much everyone does).

And these beliefs were not being helped by Facebook.

Let me ask you a question – how much of Facebook do you think is Fakebook?

What I mean by that is not that there are bots and fake accounts on Facebook, clearly those things both exist. What I mean is, how much of what you see is real.  You see, I believe that a lot of it IS real.  But it is only one side of a story.

Yes, I know there are a lot of ‘guru’s’ on Facebook with their big houses and fancy cars, telling you that you can ‘smash it’ and become a millionaire Dell boy style within a year, if you just do these 5 simple steps (which they will charge you for of course).  Now maybe they are real, but I’m betting quite a few of them are ‘faking it before they make it’.  And that’s not ok.

That kind of ‘fake it till you make it’ is what was disturbing my client.  She thought that since everyone else seemed to be doing that, that either she should also be doing that, or maybe she would never be successful.  Neither of those things is true.

And what you also have to understand is that people only put on Facebook the things they want you to see.  So, they put their holiday photos, or ‘out for lunch somewhere posh’ photos, or the ‘driving in their new supercar’ photos.  Of course, they do.  I do it.  I’m sure you do it.  We want to share the good stuff.

Of course, there are some people who just like to share the shit.  Their bus was late, they over cooked their egg or burnt their toast, it was raining when they walked the dog, their best friend said something mean to them.  Who the frig cares?

Either one of those is not the full picture anyway.  Everyone’s life has ups and downs.  The danger when you only share the up’s is that other people can THINK it is fake.  So, should you share your burnt toast.  No – not unless its funny and will make people laugh.  But should you share some struggles – yes of course.  As long as it is not just a whinge, a moan, or a bitch.

People want to know what is real on social media.  They are very suspicious of anything that looks like it has been created FOR social media, as opposed to it being a real reflection of the person

So, does that mean you shouldn’t fake it till you make it?

Well, not entirely.  Where people get this wrong is they splash the cash, they try to impress others materially, maybe they lie about the facts /or at least they ‘massage’ the facts.

That won’t make them a millionaire.  That will make them even more broke than they already are, pretty quickly.

Where you need to fake it till you make it, is in your emotions, your beliefs and your subsequent actions.  How you show up, in other words.  How would a millionaire start their day?  By rolling out of bed and rolling up a fag?  By slouching around moaning about the state of the nation? And watching Jeremy Kyle or other shows whose purpose is to make you feel your life is better than it is!!  (Ask me how I know about that!!)

Probably not.

What I mean by “fake it till you make it” is, the ability to get yourself into the state of where you want to be.  Let’s do a little exercise.

I want you to sit and close your eyes for a minute.  Think about how it would feel right now, to have a million quid in the bank.  If you can’t imagine that, I want you to go to a place where you had an unexpected “win” either at bingo, lottery or maybe a refund from the tax office. I want you to remember that feeling of “abundance” because you weren’t expecting it and suddenly you had more.

So, where is the feeling in your body? If you put a colour or shape to it, what are the details? Are you smiling right now? Do you feel light and floating? Write all these feelings down.

Now paint a picture in your mind of you living in your ideal home. Is it surrounded by nature? Do you have all the new appliances? What is the colour scheme?  What will you create there? Who will you be with?

And now once you have the image, layer on top the feeling you created before and as you walk through your ideal home, feel the feeling you already know. See the scene in your mind and feel in your body how that feels. Repeat this action in the morning and before you retire to bed, and you will start to embody the feeling.

You can use this same technique for seeing a million pounds in your bank account, your ideal partner or anything you desire.

Add all the above, the important factor of gratitude.  Whatever you focus on and are grateful for, you are likely to get more of that in your life.  Others tell you to write a gratitude list every day.  Maybe first thing, and review it when you go to bed, add to it from what has happened in the day.  The more grateful you are, the more you will find you have to be grateful for.

I say start with ONE thing you are grateful for. I have an 8 am Club every day and this is one of the regular, repeated habits we have. To be grateful for one thing every day. And guess what, you’ll soon be adding in more than one.

So, the key to ‘fake it till you make it’, is imagination. You have to see it,  believe it and feel it.

You need to get into the emotion of how it feels to be a successful business owner, a rock star parent, a philanthropist, an expert in your field.  How does it feel to be already there? And then keep with that feeling.  So, you are not really faking it at all.  Because if you can capture that feeling, that embeds the belief that you ARE that person already – then the outside factors will align with your belief.

There cannot be a vacuum in the universe, if you believe something, you feel it, you KNOW it is true – then events will conspire to help you.

I am reminded of a friend who had talked about writing a book for years.  She had never done it, because she had some limiting beliefs around it.  Once she had done this exercise and really FELT how it would feel to be a published author, to see her book in her hand, to see herself signing the book for people who were buying it, then she started to believe.  2 days later she was invited to attend a course about writing your book, a free ticket given by a friend.

Right there – the universe in motion. BOOM!!!

So, don’t wait to be successful before you feel successful.  Feel successful now.  Know that you are already successful, and you just need to give the universe time to catch up.  You will then ACT successful (which you could say is the “fake it until you make it” part).  And guess what, one day very soon, your external and internal realities will align.

ACT and you will attract.

Try it.  What do you have to lose?

PS – If you’d like some support with that come over and join our WHY’s community here, where you will get the help and support you need to ‘fake it till you make it’ the RIGHT way!

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