The end of the year is a time of busyness as you rush around prepping for Christmas – buying presents, wrapping them up, food shopping, planning for visitors. And navigating the extra stress of covid and omicron! I hope you are enjoying it all and feel the Christmas spirit.

But for some, Christmas is a confusing time – there is all the excitement going on out there – but what is going on inside?  Christmas brings everything into sharper focus.  If you have lost someone this year, or your child has gone off to University, or you have been made redundant – maybe you feel this Christmas is a time for you to consider your future.

If you have experienced a change in your life – then it might be time to look at your WHY.  What is your purpose – do you know?  Maybe it used to be your kids, your partner, your job (I would argue none of these is your WHY) but now – those things are no longer relevant.  And so you may feel a bit lost.

You just aren’t sure what is in store for you, or what you should be doing now?

How Do You Find Your Why

For many years I was a bit lost. I later realised this was because I wasn’t living my life on purpose, I was always trying to keep myself safe.  Find out why on this video.  I had meandered through life with a good idea of what I DIDN’T want but no actual idea of what I did.  The moment that began to change was at a conference where the speaker appeared to look directly at me and asked how many people would be at my funeral.  If that number was small, he said, you have lived a life of small influence.

Well – that was the kick up the butt I needed to change.  It didn’t all happen at once, but I started to learn about myself.  Because here’s the thing – it isn’t until you understand yourself that you can begin to look at what you want.  And it isn’t until you are REALLY clear about what you want, that you can start to move towards it.

So how do you find out who you are (not who others want you to be)? 

Part of my journey to finding myself – was finding the genetic blueprint.  When I understood which type I am – it changed everything for me.  Let me briefly go through the 5 types with you.

Initiator – 8% of all people.

Initiators are people who look at the world from a bigger picture point of view – they can see exactly what needs to happen next.  They are the ideas people.  I am pretty sure James Dyson is one of these.  These are the people that say – ‘I’ve got a great idea – let’s fly to the moon / build a house / create a new type of vacuum cleaner.  They are here to inform – to show the world what is possible.

Architect – 21% of the population

The architect will look at that great idea and immediately know how to get it into action.  The Architect will create the plans and systems to make the idea happen.  Their job is to help people find a (better) way.

Specialist – 35%

The specialist is here to respond.  They will take the plans of the architect and do their part of that – generally a specific are.  If we take the reference of house building – they will put in the plumbing or the roof.  These are the bits without which the plan won’t be as great.  As a specialist, when you know what you should respond to, you can live your why.

Builder – Also 35%

Now the builders are the people that get stuff done.  They see the plan and they immediately know how to implement that plan and get it done.  They will work with the specialists – but they create the structure without which the specialists cannot do their job, and the plans would remain just plans.  They bring the plan to life, put them into action. Nothing gets made without these people.

Neighbour – 1%

Neighbours are very rare, only about 1% of the people in the world are neighbours – for a reason!  They will look at the house, conceived by the Initiator, designed by the architect, built by the builder and the specialist and they can see the gaps.  They will be the one to say – it’s all great but around here you need a fence, or an alarm, or outside lighting.

Some people consider these people critics, but they aren’t – they notice what is missing that could cause an issue if not addressed.  They are special!

Once you know what type you are everything else makes sense.  And you can identify your WHY.  Once you know your WHY it helps you with everything.  You can set goals; you know what to say yes or no to.

If you would like to know your type – call it my Christmas present to you – if you watch the video and scan the QR code – it will take you to a 2-minute form which you can fill in and I will email you a full breakdown of your type and what that means for you.

No need to thank me… oh go on then – thank me if you like once you have read the report!  And also – I am happy to jump on a call and answer any questions you have about the information.  What are you waiting for?  It could change your life like it changed mine.

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