It’s National Coaches Week this week (4-10 June), and I thought that was a good opportunity to stop and think about all the people who YOU coach or who coach YOU, and say Thank You!

I don’t know about you, but I never thought of my self as a coach in the early days, in fact I thought a coach was just a big bus! Seriously, like most people who are great coaches, they probably started coaching from being knee high to a grasshopper (OK – I know that’s generally called being Bossy).

Helping people is something that has always instinctively felt right to me.  It fits my Genetic Blueprint – which tells me I get my satisfaction through giving others the spotlight.  There is nothing that pleases me more than when one of my students has a breakthrough.   And I do a lot of coaching (because you should always do what you love, right?).

This week I am coaching at the Elite Speakers 7 Day Intensive Course in Kent, coaching 13 public speakers how to share a message of help & hope.  So, my first Thank You, goes to all the people I am coaching this week – because when you coach you get much more back from the people who you coach than you think.  And one of the biggest learning I have had in the last 5 years is that the best way to learn is to teach!

Also, a big thanks to my fellow coaches, Carole Fossey, Deenita Pattni, James Dewane and Tracey Jones-Bolding – for the fun and the support!

And then there are all my WHYs women and WHYs men at the Find Your Why Foundation, who I coach along with my partner in crime, Marion Bevington.  You are all frickin’ awesome!

A BIG Thank You also goes to my Rapid Transformational Therapy clients who I have coached to change their story and change their lives, thank you for trusting me with your secrets and your struggles and sharing your successes!

And of course, there are all MY coaches including the aforementioned (oh God, I swallowed a dictionary!) Marion Bevington, who helped me identify my limiting story and eliminate it.  Between us we have created something amazing at the Find Your Why Foundation.

I also would not be where I am today, without the guidance and mentoring of my fellow Director at The Association of Transformational Leaders, Marie Diamond (of the film and book, The Secret), Andy Harrington, the Jet Set Speaker himself, Cheethan Parker who taught me to be the person I was born to be, and last but not least Marissa Peers – through whose amazing RTT system, I have been able to reach and help even more people.

As you may know, I am on a global mission to guide 10 million disheartened souls to go from why to why not!, so I invite you to join with me this week and thank the people YOU coach or have been coached by.

And if you currently don’t have a coach, or have never been coached, then I invite you to click here and join myself & MB at the Find Your Why Foundation and experience the support and inspiration that is available to you in the community.  And all for less than the average price of a Mars Bar a day!

Thank you all my coaches and coachees !

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