So WHY is it important to have a focus in your life?

In a recent survey we asked women aged 35 – 55 what was holding them back from living a full and happy life.

There were a number of areas that the extensive survey found including:

Lack of Time

The women sited that they were always running around, trying to juggle too many tasks. Usually this was for others and not for themselves, which meant that they felt that they spread themselves too thin.

Interesting the majority said it was because they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, coupled with financial difficulties all led to them “settling” for something that they knew was not always best for them.

Lack of Self- Belief

A number of the women, when asked why they were settling, answered “because I lack self belief to do it on my own” or “because I lack self belief I stay where I am, I mean who do I think I am?”

Many of the women said they lacked the discipline to complete tasks:

Not for others but those for themselves, now that may sound crazy but here’s what we found, we found that all of these areas had one common reason and it was because they had a lack of FOCUS and this started with an unknown inner purpose.

However, this was not a shock for myself and Marion Bevington co-creator of The Live Love Laugh Lounge™ as not only had we experienced this first hand in our own lives, we also knew this was the situation with the women in our own community (we call them the WHY’s women!).

We work with our WHY’s women community to help them to get into ACTION and then we notice if there are any blocks or barriers that get in their way. Once these are identified we have some tangible tips and tools that they can use to help them to deal with anything negative. This can be a 10 minute process or a more in depth process to work on sub conscious issues that they are not even aware are holding them back.

Marion recently asked:

Is it more effective to be motivated or inspired when it comes to being able to focus?

Lets start by looking at the definitions of these two words:

Motivated – Having a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way, outcome oriented.

Origin from late Latin motivus: ‘to move’.

Inspired – The process of being stimulated to do or feel something. Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse:

Origin from Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into’ from in- ‘into’ + spirare ‘breathe’.

Wayne D

When you are in a place where you are motivated, it means that you are outcome driven with an expectations to manifest results. Now you maybe thinking so what’s the problem? However, motivation is focused around planning to do “things you are supposed to” and not what is necessarily right for YOU, does that make sense?

Which means your focus might be forced and it will need will power to sustain it. All in all it’s knackering!

Think about the last time you wanted to make a change when you wanted to do something – loose weight, give up alcohol for a month or set a New Years resolution. Now you may have started with all the best intentions but then how long was it before the will power ran out of energy?

When you are inspired, it means you’re on the journey, on the path of feeling good so that what you are doing is creative, is like you’re playing, partying and you have a purpose. Your work is like your play and so you’re focus is automatic. Have you ever been a part of something that has been exciting and energising? In this place the “doing” comes from within and it means it is effortless.

When you are not following your true purpose, your WHY! It’s like wearing someone else’s shoes. That ‘s right its uncomfortable. So find our more about WHY you need a WHY?

How many times have you been doing something and you just feel at odds with it? That’s because a negative emotion indicates a contradictory vibration. By contradictory I mean it’s an indicator that you are resisting or blocking the process.

In essence that’s all a negative emotion is – something that shows up to show you there is a block.

So this is WHY even though you may have a Facebook full of friends, they can not always help you when you are procrastinating, when you have lack of focus or when you just don’t feel like doing something. Yes, they can lend a helping hand or offer their ear and this is great. Or are you that friend who everyone comes to for support and advice? So who do you go to?

– and are you sure the advice you give is always the best?

However, would you go to your friend if you needed to have an operation? No of course you wouldn’t (unless they were a qualified surgeon!) So WHY would you expect your friend to help you with identifying and removing the blocks that are in your head?

Marion & I pulled together our award winning experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Public Speaker Training, Mentoring, Yoga, Kinesiology, EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting, META-Health, Genetic Blueprinting, BWRT and over 100 years life experience to help others like you to Find Your WHY! To become frickin’ awesome.

Our process is very simple, just like a doctor, we ask questions, we ask you to move and then we can assess what is causing you to struggle. The great news is we don’t prescribe a tablet to mask the pain. We work with you to get to the root of the cause, so we can start to resolve it.

We work with you in small groups of like-minded women (all who are already successful in many areas of their lives) or we can work with you on a 1:1 basis, what ever suits you best.

To find out more, we invite you to complete the boxes below to get a FREE copy of our book Find Your WHY! To become frickin’ awesome delivered to your door (we just ask for a small contribution towards shipping and handling …keeps the packing department in employment J )

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We look forward to hearing from you soon to help you to become inspired to be the WHY’s woman you were born to be.

Love Cheryl & Marion xx


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