When you really think about it, aren’t most aspects of life to do with numbers?

It’s one of the first things you learn. How to count to five, then ten, then a hundred. Or when you learn a new language, you learn numbers pretty quickly too.

Schools use numbers for scoring tests, organisation, and even grading now instead of letters! You have a passport number, a driving license cumber and a National Insurance number. If you play sport you will ‘be’ a number, and you will also ‘be’ a number if you are in the armed forces, or on the school register.

What’s Your Number?

You may or may not have heard of Jane’s new book, ‘What’s Your Number?’, which I helped her publish. Before it was named this, we had previously come up with ‘What’s Your Name?’. But we eventually changed this, due to the realisation of the importance of numbers.

For example, you use numbers to test your health. How much you weigh, how many steps you should take a day, how many calories you should be having.

As much as I still don’t really enjoy exercise, I definitely use numbers to help make sure I’m using the Peloton for long enough, and to test how much stronger I’m getting.

In fact, even from the day you’re born, numbers are used to calculate your size, your birthday, etc. Birthday numbers are what we also use for the genetic blueprint as a matter of fact.

Here’s The Score

This may seem morbid, but bear with me here.

For the average woman living in the UK, the life expectancy is around 30,000 days. You may not often consider your own life expectancy but seeing it as a number of days definitely makes you appreciate it more.

And that’s of course not even considering your age. If you’re around my age, then that probably leaves around 10,000 days for example. That’s how many steps a healthy adult should take a day, co-incidentally.

What Do You Want To Do?

With knowledge like this, I think it’s important to understand and appreciate the time we do have, and make the most of it.

In your day-to-day life, it can be all too easy to get caught up focusing on the smaller things – like paying bills, doing the weekly shopping, or thinking about what to have for dinner each night. All of these do need thinking about of course, but where is your focus?

The chances are these are rare thoughts. And here’s the thing. Time is not infinite. One day it will run out for you, and for me and for everyone. So – the key is to plan in some time every day to think about the more important things you want to do. WHO you want to be? Where do you want to be?

What do you want to achieve? And leave no limits – the only person who can really stop you from achieving your dreams, is yourself.

Take A Step In The Right Direction

Maybe one of the things you want to do is leave a legacy, be remembered. And if there’s something I know anyone can be remembered for, it’s their words of wisdom.

If getting better at crafting your message about your business, and getting it out there, is something you’d like to work towards, I can help you. On the 3rd of June, Jane and I will be hosting our next Strictly Come Speaking event.

It’s the perfect opportunity to start your public speaking journey, and achieve some life changing goals. Tickets are free, so why not give it a go?

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Cheryl xx

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“I’m on a global mission to help 10 million disheartened souls, who are at a crossroads, to STOP asking why me? And START saying why not me!”

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