There’s a great quote by Dr Steve Maraboli which says, “You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self and to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously”.  I love that quote and it’s something I try to do everyday.

There is a big problem with this quote though.  And that is…..many people don’t know what their purpose is.

For most it feels  like life is a big treadmill.  You are born,  go to school, get a job,  move out of your parental home, find a partner, have kids (not always but around 53% of the time), you move ‘up’ in your career, rent/ buy a bigger house and more stuff, get a dog, cat, fish or feed wild birds and go on holidays.

And then, you get to a point in your life where you aren’t sure what comes next.

Maybe your kids have left home and your ‘purpose’ as a parent, is not such a strong one. Perhaps you don’t feel needed in that capacity as you once did.  Perhaps you’re made redundant or you’re forced to take early retirement, and the purpose you attached to your job no longer exists.  Possibly you lose someone close to you, a parent or a partner, and the thought of your own existence starts to play on your mind, I mean you might start to wonder what it’s all for? I mean that question WHY am I here? And then it can start to be a spiral downwards – you lose your health and the things you took for granted and loved, are no longer available to you.

It can happen at any time of life.  A friend of mine woke up the day after leaving Uni and realised that she wasn’t going to be a nun or teach, and therefore her 2.1 in Theology was probably not that useful in helping her decide what she should be doing next.

So, what do you do in that circumstance?

Well, you could ask other people, but it’s not very British, stiff upper lip and all that, can’t show weakness, I mean what would people think?

Or you could try different things until you come across something that feels like it might be right for you.

You can waste a lot of time with that one and be lucky, or come up with nothing… oh dear it’s a bit doom and gloom isn’t it?

OK STOP !!!!!! Guess what you can re write the ending to this movie, that’s right the one you call your life.

There is a point in time when some people metaphorically “wake up” and this can happen to you too;

The reason I know about this is ….

I literally “woke up” not one morning …it was while I sitting in a seminar and the speaker asked “If you were to die tomorrow who would mourn your loss” (I joked to the girl sat next to me – I’ve got 43 friends on Facebook, what do you reckon??)  then he said “if that number is small, you led a life of small influence” have you ever felt like you’d been virtually slapped? That was what woke me up!

“What the hell am I doing?  Why am I in this position?”.  I realised I was living someone else’s purpose. And clearly not happy, most days I was in the company of my 2 best friends Gordon (as in gin) and Stella (as in Artois) trying to distract from life and I was often heard saying “Thank God its Friday” (Does that remind you of anyone you know?)

I met this crazy lady (reminded me of as female Indiana Jones, in search of ancient wisdom) who introduced me to things I didn’t know much about.  I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and became a Clinical Hypnotist and an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.

I read, researched, listened, watched anything to do with finding your true purpose. I used many systems (some unsuccessfully, not sure why getting naked in the moonlight helps with your purpose) but I was open to try anything! I invested time and money and one of the tools that opened my eyes was a genetic blueprint system which introduced me to the concept of the 5 different types, I discovered I am an Architect, a guide, I can see the gaps and I can help others.

And, as a result, I came to realise WHY I was where I was, and what my WHY is (in other words my purpose); which is, to guide 10 million disheartened souls, who are at a crossroads to stop asking ‘why me?’ and  start saying ‘why not me?’

I do this, along with my partner in crime (we kill off old beliefs and barriers!) Marion (that’s right the one who started my awakening), by using some ancient and modern, established and innovative techniques, all blended into a special mix called The Find Your WHY Foundation.

We believe the 2 most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find your WHY.

As Pablo Picasso said,

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away”.

If you’re curious to find your WHY – go get our gift of a free book here



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