Living, Loving, Laughing And Talking To A Busy Man!

For anyone who doesn’t know Martin – he is an award-winning author, coach and speaker….and a busy man.

Martin brought along to our interview a suit that he had made 4 years ago for a special awards dinner – where he won an award for his speaking.  When I say he brought the suit – he wore the suit.  Actually, when I say ‘wore’ the suit, it was dripping off him.

Martin lost over 40kg in a year and has lost more since.

Previously, Martin had been a very fit individual who was into kayaking and cycling, triathlons and the like and weighed in at about 88kg.

But starting his business in 2010, he found the hectic schedule of worldwide travel on big business transformations took a toll on his health.  All the late nights, early mornings, working lunches and client entertaining combined with a lack of time or focus on any exercise, left Martin weighing 24 stone / 154 kg – nearly doubling his previously ‘fit’ weight.

Martin didn’t really notice the gradual increase in his waistline or the onset of various aches and pains – putting it all down to getting older.  UNTIL…..

He went on holiday to Florida.  Whilst on that holiday he found he was unable to go on the roller coasters with the kids because he couldn’t fit in the seats.  He couldn’t fit in a kayak either – which was his passion.

The final straw was when he saw a photo of himself on that holiday and didn’t recognise himself.

Well, now it’s his former clients and friends who don’t recognise him.  In fact, when they do, they ask him how he has managed to lose so much weight and get so fit.  He realised there were just 6 simple steps he had taken to make the transformation and has now created the Fit For Life Program to help his clients to do what he has done and get their lives back.

You can watch the interview below and watch Martins amazing Live Love Laugh LIVE talk here.


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