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Following on from last week’s blog about Shelf Development and Seminar Junkies – let’s talk this week about how to NOT be that person and instead how to get the benefit out of the seminar you just spent your hard-earned cash, or time, or both – on!

So – you leave the event.  You are on a high! You loved it – you met great people, the speakers said things that made sense to you and you felt like you could achieve anything.  Perhaps you bent a bar, or broke a board with your bare hands, or walked on fire – and in that moment you felt like you COULD achieve anything.

So you begin to make plans, you start to look at what you can do to maximise on the money you just spent at the event on the NEXT course.  And then the doubts start to come in.

Perhaps you tell your partner or your friend how much money it cost you and they question why you did it or say you must be crazy.  Maybe you look at your bank balance and think you ARE crazy!  But then you remember breaking that board, or bending that bar and you try to ignore their voices – or your own.

What often happens then is – you try something and if there are not instantaneous great results (and let’s face it – that doesn’t often happen), then that voice comes out again.  You know the one.  It says stuff to you like “What the hell do I think I am doing? Who am I to think I could ……(fill in the blanks).”

The shit that shows up might say “It’s OK for (the presenter at the conference) they know what they are doing / they are younger / richer / have a bigger list.  But I can’t do it”.

So how do you make sure that you keep going?  How do you not give up and give in to the voice of doubt?  Well, you could just keep going on the seminars once a month, or once a quarter, but that is going to work out really expensive in the long run, or even in the short run!  The other thing you can do is find some support.

You need to find some people who won’t make you feel like an idiot for spending the money but will cheer and encourage you to find your new way, and help you take those steps towards creating your new reality.  You need a team of like-minded people to collaborate and celebrate with.  People who will stretch you at the same time as supporting you.

Someone once said – you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with.  In fact a few people have said this but I think the original might have been Jim Rohn.  And it is true – the people you surround yourself with either keep you right where you are (friends and family who want to keep you safe) or they will drag you down (fair weather friends), or they will stretch you, support you and encourage you (true friends).

And where do you find such a peer group?  Well if you don’t currently have one, then why not head over to the Find Your Why Foundation and join our Live Love Laugh Lounge (for women) and Man Cave (for men of course), and see what you can access for only £9.99 a month.

Here’s what our WHYs women and men get.   A Monthly Expert on personal or business development creating live or recorded video training.  Monthly teachings from The Find your WHY! programme, monthly Q & A with me, and my cohort Marion Bevington and… if that wasn’t enough… the newest tools, tips & techniques as well as the occasional Happy Birthday, general motivation, competition and a place full of like-minded people…Phew!

And no long term commitment, no tie-ins.

And all for …well …very much less than your last seminar….probably.

Have a look here, we’d love to welcome you to the group




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