So here I am again in Marrakech – running our Find Your Why retreat for entrepreneurial women.  These women have taken time out of their super busy lives to spend it on themselves.

I admire them.  Because it is all too easy as a woman to put yourself last and everyone and every thing else first, isn’t it?  There were some people who didn’t make it to the retreat this time, and that’s OK because sometimes it isn’t the right time.  However, I would suggest that there is almost never the ‘right time’ for the very important things in life.

There is never a right time to move house – it’s always inconvenient.  There is never a right time to have major renovation or building work done – it’s always inconvenient.  My friends who are parents tell me there is never a good time to have a baby.

But those things all happen because they are considered more important than the inconvenience they may cause – the end result will all be worth it.

So why don’t we consider OURSELVES worth it?

When work demands more from us, is it work we say no to…..or going to the gym?  Is it do what everyone else wants, or take an evening off and get some much needed rest?

So, when I see people making the decision that the BEST investment they can ever make is in themselves and their own self development – I have to applaud that, in any context.  And (I know I might be biased) but when I see the leaps and bounds being taken this week, the ‘aha’ moments, the tears and joy when obstacles are shifted and new understandings come into play – I have to say, all the ladies on this retreat made a fantastic decision regarding investing in themselves.

This week is all about relaxing, taking time out for you and making new friends for life – but it is much more than that. Whilst they are relaxing, they are refocusing and creating new ways of taking their personal and professional lives to a new level.

As one of our previous attendees, Carole, says “I would not have thought that not only could I get a tan in November whilst meeting some great new contacts – people who I know I will stay in touch with for ever, but also that I could achieve so much understanding about myself in such a short time.  I have probably learned more about myself in a week, then I had in the last year, and that’s in no small way because I spent more time on myself this week, than I have for the past 12 months!  But also because of Cheryl’s acute insight and ability (along with varous tools) to see connections that you just can’t see yourself, because you are too close to ….well….YOU!”

Thanks Carole!

Conversations came up during the week about flights as we had people flying in to Marrakesh from everywhere.  And the point was made that the ‘cheap’ airlines are not so cheap really, once you add in luggage costs, food, express check in, cost of booking a specific seat, printing off tickets etc.  In fact – it ended up costing one lady more than if she had booked the flight she first looked at that ‘appeared’ to be £50 more.

Conversations also came up about ‘cheap’ retreats and holidays in general, bunk beds, awful food, dodgy locations and other guests!  And someone commented that they couldn’t believe what we offered for an all inclusive price.

The retreat includes really lovely food (including any and all dietary requirements met for no extra charge), Yoga, EFT, RTT and other tools to help uncover and clear blocks around procrastination, feeling stuck, feeling lonely or alone, feeling not good enough to name just a few.  And in a fabulous luxury setting with extensive and beautiful grounds, with pool, outdoor beds (and I do mean beds – double ones with canopes!!), several bars including honesty bars during the day.

In fact, the only thing we don’t include is the flights!

If you think it might be time to put yourself first, and you’d like to find out more about the next retreat then head over to and take a look!


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